GAME OF THRONES – Season 8: Vaza roteiro completo da Season Final

GOT! E vazou há um tempo no Reddit o roteiro completo da oitava e última temporada de Game of Thrones com tudo que irá acontecer no final da história.

Vaza roteiro completo da Season 8 de Game of Thrones
Vaza roteiro completo da Season 8 de Game of Thrones

Season 8 Vazou!

Os textos são gigantes e estão em inglês, via Reddit. Leia por sua conta e risco.

Confira abaixo o roteiro vazado completo:

Parte 1 do Roteiro Vazado:

I was working on the set of game of thrones and had a few chances to get a look on the scripts. I couldnt make pictures because i wasnt allowed to carry my phone there, but i took notes. Thats why some scenes are detailed and some are just explained in one sentence. It took me a while to write this down, but i wanted to share this with the world, because till the new season airs we have to wait over a year. If you dont want to read the spoilers then stop here, but i hope everyone else who cant wait enjoys it. I have to split this in 5 parts because there was so much to write down that it have over 180.000 letters.

Game of Thrones Season 8 Scripts

Episode 1: -Castle Black: Beric, Tormund and Gendry warns Ed of the breakthrough of the wall on Eastwatch by the Ice Dragon. Ed let prepares ravens for winterfell. 3 horn sounds sound. Ed points out that it did not come from the top. Army of the dead comes from south-east. Tormund and Gendry are ordered south by Beric, Ed stays with Beric. Beric says he still lives for one reason. He draws his sword which inflames. Ravens fly off, Gendry and Tormund are already riding and see the Ice Dragon burning all the raven in the air. Beric shouts that not all the dead are coming to the Black Castle. A larger army is further south-east following the Ice Dragon with the Night King. The Wights reach Castle Black and the battle begins.

-Bran is at the godstree on the weirwood. He asks the Maester how long he has been in Vision. Maester says a few hours. Bran notes he has not seen anything. He says that he may have been thrown out of the vision and something is wrong.

-Jon, Daenerys, Jorah, Tyrion, Varys, Brienne, the Hound and some soldiers ride to the gate of Winterfell. Several citizens of the north lift a moat. People look at Dany suspiciously. Jorah notices this and looks worried. Jon encourages Dany. Sansa, Arya and also belated Bran comes to the inside of the gate. Jon, etc. ride by. Jon is happy to see his siblings, but on closer inspection he seems depressed. Sansa looks at Dany suspiciously. Tyrion realizes that the Northmen are reinforcing the castle walls. Sansa greets Jon. She asks Jon how he managed to bring Dany and Cercei to peace. Jon hugs her and answers bleakly that it’s not that easy. Brienne gets off the horse and looks at Sansa. The hound gets off his horse and sees Arya. Jon hugs Arya and says, “So you did stick them with the pointy end.” Both are pleased. Jon and Bran look at each other, Jon looks worried. Varys stands next to Tyrion and asks him, “This is your 2nd time here, right?” Sam, with Gilly and her son in his arms, looks at Jon and the others from the far away gate. Ghost stands next to Sam and looks at Jon. Sansa tells Jon that Bran’s situation is hard to explain. Sansa says, “Bran has visions. He can probably see things. “Brienne asks Sansa where Littlefingers is. Jon agrees and repeats the question. Arya answers Jon quite relaxed that she has executed him. Jon looks sad again, then Sam comes and greets Jon. Dany looks pleased. Jorah notices this and his gaze goes to the lords standing around, who look at Dany with disbelief. Jorah approaches Sam, gazes at Ghost carefully, and both talk about their last-ditch travels, and Sam then asks Dany how she likes Jon. She answers with a smile “more than most lords”, she grabs her hand on her stomach, Ghost approaches Jon and he delights to stroke him, Sam greets Jon and they talk briefly about their time where they were apart. Sam asks Jon if he really only had dragon-glass in his fight against the white walkers, as Sam read several times about Valyrian steel when it came to obsidian. Jon answers” So far, Long-Claw has been well-armed. But with white walkers the steel did not break when I fought one. “Tyrion addresses Sansa and asks her how she escaped then and why he left her” husband “behind. Sansa answers that Littlefinger was behind everything and had similar plans with the Starks. But what works for the Lannisters does not work for the Starks. As a pack, wolves are the most dangerous. Jon asks Sansa why Winterfell is being prepared for a siege. She answers “An old friend once told me that I have to be prepared for any scenario. Then we will not experience any surprises. “She smiles and Jon is impressed. Jon orders everyone to gather in the big hall.

In the great hall, Jon and the others gather with the Lords of the north. Dany tells Jorah that the hall is very modest. A Lord interrupts Jon in his speech about the threat in the north and asks how exactly the peace agreement with Dany looks like. Jon answers that the King of the North is now serving Queen Daenerys. Turmoil rises in the hall and Sansa looks surprised at Jon. Lord Royce asks Jon angrily why he has not learned from the mistakes of Brandon Stark and his father. The hound stands next to Brienne and says, “Why must everyone always yell at these King’s gatherings?” Jon explains that he is obviously still alive. Jon also says that Dany not only has provided Dragonglas, her armies and dragons to fight. He says that she has already fought, despite the threat. She sacrificed a dragon to Jon, her child. Lord Glover says he does not see any of this. Dany explains that she did not come as a conqueror and did not want to put a wrong signal. Lyanna Mormont asks Dany about the deal of peace with Cercei. Dany explains that the war has only a break. After the Night King is defeated, the war continues. Turmoil rises again. Arya says aloud, “We can not trust Cercei Lannister. She lies to stay alive, I do not believe that after a common victory, she will go home and wait until your war continues. “Jorah gets nervous and already holds sword hilt. In the side corridor Sam asks Bran when he want to tell Jon the truth. Bran says that maybe Sam has to do that because the time is just bad, Tyrion stands next to the entrance of this side corridor and looks towards the entrance and then looks back at Jon. Jon says he does not force anyone in the north to fight a war, which has nothing to do with them. But he would go to war for Dany, as she does the same for the north. Lord Glover asks if Cercei can be trusted and if she keeps her word. Tyrion says that they can, because even Cercei is aware of the threat of the white walkers. Dany looks at him in surprise. Varys looks at Tyrion in surprise too. Jon loudly points out that there is no time for that and everyone should immediately order all armies to the wall. Lyanna Mormont and Lord Manderly agree. Dany says “White Walkers do not argue in a room. They have only one king and they are getting closer. “Bran is pushed forward in his wheelchair by Maester. Bran says “She’s right, white walkers do not talk, they follow one king, the Nightking. I know many here do not believe in what I can, but I saw him, I met him. First in a vision, then he found me. I saw him coming, he’s always coming closer, we have to stop him.” Dany persuades the lords in the room to fight the enemy together and to trust in Cercei´s help.

-Tyrion writes a letter in a room.

-Jon is with Daenerys in the crypt of winterfell. She asks Jon how many family members he has lost in the wars among the Lords of Westeros. Jon tells her about Ned, Catelyn, Robb and Rickon. He relates that Rickon died before his eyes in the battle for Winterfell. Jon says, “Robb died by betrayal. Unfortunately, his mistakes led him this way. “Dany asks about Robb. Jon says, “I heard that my brother killed the lords who betrayed him mercilessly. He has lost some allies. In the end, a broken oath cost him his life. Robb was promised to a woman, but he married another.” Dany says “He was betrayed. His allies have betrayed him and he has given them the right punishment. The traitors who killed him are now gone as I heard.” Jon says “Justice does you good, but do not bring them back. We fought for our home and for justice for my family. By doing so i lost Rickon. Sometimes justice brings just more death.” Jon looks at Ned’s stature. Dany looks at the same stature and then her look goes to Lyanna Starks stature. She asks Jon, “Who is this?” Jon says, “Lyanna Stark. My aunt. She was abducted by Rhaegar Targaryen, indirectly triggering Robert’s rebellion. “Dany looks puzzled and says” I heard a lot about my oldest brother, but basically just good. An abduction of a defenseless woman does not sound like him. “Jon looks at Lyanna and then Daenerys. He says “Doesnt matter now. They are all dead. We are alive. We are the ones who matter. “She smiles at him.

In a village near the wall a naked young woman sits on a man. They having sex and he calls her a whore. She is proud and tells of a good-looking Squire from the capital, who has satisfied several whores at the same time and so well that they did not want any money. The farmer sleeps with the whore. Just outside the village, a boy plays in a snowy forest. He sees blue eyes in the forest and as they move, he runs screaming into the village and shouts, “Father.” The farmer goes to his son and asks him what happened. He points to the forest. The farmer sees the Wights running into the village and runs away in panic. The whore hears that and gets dressed. The man wants to go back to bed with her, she beats him and runs out. She sees the farmer and his son running to a horse. The whore sees the undead run through the village and runs in panic to the stable. Most horses have already fled, the farmer has the last. She runs towards him and is run around by other fleeing peasants. A Wight comes from the side and attacks the son of the farmer. He dies and the father kills the wight. He collapses next to his son’s body. The whore runs to the horse and ascends. She looks at the grieving farmer and says, “I’m so sorry.” She rides away. The Wights overrun the village and throw themselves at the mourning peasants.

-Jon prepares his departure. Dany says goodbye to Jon and says she gets the Unsullied, Drogon and Rhaegal. The Dothraki will soon come over the Kings Road and she will meet them with the Unsullied to meet in Winterfell together. Dany rides off with escorts. Sansa tells Jon that she will stay here with Brienne, as there always has to be a Stark in Winterfell. Jon says „I’m the king in the north and can go anywhere I want, but you’re probably now the lady of Winterfell. You have to stay that way. “Jon smiles and says,” You remind me of your mother, you’ve grown up. “Sansa says “Not my mother. “She laughs a bit and says,” Get rid of the Nightking. I have everything under control here.” She smiles at Jon and he starts riding. Ravens fly south from Winterfell.

King’s Landing: Cercei receives a letter from Master Qyburn. She reads it and goes out of the room to the balcony. Qyburn asks what he says. Cercei looks from the balcony to the snowy city. She answers „all armies are ordered to the wall and thus all are defenseless. Tyrion is again a valuable ally, even if he has only sent information so far. He is not a Littlefinger, but a Lannister.“ Master Qyburn asks her about Jaime. Cercei says „He is no threat. He is still my brother.“

-Jaime meets Bron near Harrenhal. Bron says he probably does not need to expect a lock of his own castle in the face of literal death. Jaime says that’s true because Jaime has finally left his sister. Bron is pissed but says pleased “that was about time.” Jaime rides off to the north and Bron follows him. Jaime tells Bron that they have to catch up with the Lannister armies to stop the golden company.

Coast of Essos: Euron Lies with Iron Fleet and Meets Commander of the Golden Company. Euron makes fun of the golden company with its elephants and beautiful golden armor. The commander commands Euron, Euron reacts in surprise.

-Theon mounts his ship near the Iron Fleet. He tells his men that he will find the ship and as long as they follow Theon, they will already see a possibility to attack.

-The troops of the golden company, including horses and war elephants, all go to Euron’s ships. Commander of the Golden Company threatens Euron, he should do his job and not stand in the way. Euron smiles and says he has everything under control. Commander asks him if it’s true that this Targaryen girl really has dragons. Euron says yes and says he has a weapon against it. Commander enters Euron’s ship and he shows the Commander the Scorpion. Euron asks the commander if it is true that the golden company consists of knights exiled from Westeros. The commander agrees. Euron says, “Hey, I was exiled too. That makes us brothers. “Euron smiles at him, Theon comes out of crowd of Eurons soldiers and runs screaming at Euron. Euron pulls his sword and defeats Theon in swordplay but captures him. Euron’s men bring Theon to Euron’s ship. Euron calls them to put him in his sister’s hole. From a distance one of Theon’s men sees that Theon’s plan works and now has to hijack the ship where Theon is trapped, Yara will probably be there. Euron gets on the ship and says Lets sail for Westeros.

-Dany comes with escort to white harbour, there are the Unsullied with Drogon and Rhaegal. Dany goes to Grey Worm and Missandei. She asks Missandei if they have used well the time together.. Missandei smiles at her. Dany orders all to Winterfell to travel from there to the wall with the King in the North.

-Jon arrives in Dreadfort with Ghost, Lords of the North, the Knights of the Vale and Jorah Mormunt. Jorah says the wall is not even in sight. Jon says it’s just a stopover. Jorah asks why children come with them. Jon tells him the army of the dead does not make any exceptions to the troops. But the children come to safe walls and will only fight from a distance with a bow and arrow. From afar, Gendry and Tormund arrive and call out loud, “Take cover!” Jon takes a serious look towards Gendry and Tormund, and Jon orders everyone to take up position, all standing around the castle. Jon listens as Tormund repeatedly calls “Dragon”. Ice Dragon roars and quickly a white fog arises on the horizon. The fog is approaching fast. Jorah says that makes no sense. They took months from Hartheim to the frozen lake. Lord Glover calls for Maester to prepare ravens. Tormund keeps shouting “Dragon!” The fog reaches the troops in front of the castle, Jon loses sight of them. Jon says to Jorah “The Night King might have followed a plan for every attack. The White Walkers always had the advantage. What if he needed it for an advantage? ” Jorah asks Jon in panic, “What advantage should they have in waiting?” The ravens fly off and Tormund calls in front of the castle gate loud “They have the dragon!” Jon is shocked and looks to the northern horizon. From the clouds comes the ice dragon. He flies over the castle and flies past the ravens heading south. Jon tells Jorah “The Night King wants to go to Winterfell where my siblings are.” Jorah says, “The Night King wants to intercept Dany because of the dragons.” Jon says thoughtfully, “He may want someone else.“ Jon orders Jorah back to Winterfell, Jorah says it will not work, The Army of the Dead has already reached the gate of Castle Dreadfort, Jon realizes that the Night King might have been waiting to kill Vyserion. Jorah asks Jon anxiously how he could have known Daenerys is rushing to help with her dragons. Jon answers “Bran said he met him in a vision and through that he could find him.” The gate breaks, Jon, Ghost and Jorah fight together against the dead and a white walker. An unknown rider manages to flee from the battle and rides south.

-In Winterfell in the Great Hall, Tyrion and Sansa talk about Cercei. Bran tells the maester to bring Bran to the weirwood, Bran says to Sansa he did not see anything at his last vision and something is wrong. Bran is brought out of the room. Varys asks Arya how they have seen through Littlefingers games. Arya looks out the window to the Godswood and answers that the Starks have learned from their mistakes in the past. Bran arrives at the weirwood tree and touches him. He hears roar of the ice dragon. Sansa, Arya, the Hound, Tyrion, Podrick and Brienne of Tarth hears it in the big hall too, everyone looks out the window. Sam also sees with Gilly out of windows in another room. On the horizon the ice dragon flies towards Winterfell. He flies over the weirwood tree and the night king sees Bran. Bran sees the ice dragon and says, “I’m ready.” The Ice Dragon begins to burn the castle, Brienne says they have to flee, the hound barks at everyone “Get out of here!” Arya leads everyone to the stables. Sansa turns around, she says she has to get Bran. Brienne follows Sansa and urges Sansa to follow her to rescue Bran together. She tells Sansa to let her take the lead. Sansa agrees and they go. A floor crashes through the Ice Dragon’s fire, Brienne chooses a new path, Sansa follows her in panic. Sam, Gilly and her son, Tyrion, Varys, the Hound and Podrick are following Arya to the horses. Everybody gets up on a horse and they want to go. Arya asks the others where Sansa and Brienne are. The unknown rider comes through the gate, the unknown rider is Beric. He roars, “We have to get away, reform in the south. The wall is broken! “Arya says that Brienne must be with Sansa and she is safe. Beric gets off the horse and talks to Arya “I served your father, I can understand that you do not dare me after our last meeting, but let me serve your family again and let me get your siblings. ” Arya agrees. Beric pulls his sword, it flares up and he goes through the inner castle gate. Podrick shouts after Beric “What do you want to do against this dragon?” Hound says “he has a bow, I hope for him that his arrows have Dragonglass tips.” Everyone continues together. Beric runs over a balcony in the castle. He goes through a longer corridor and hears Brienne. Brienne walks in the hallway into a small hall, she tells Sansa it’s safe. Sansa wants to go in, then the ceiling of the hall collapses. Brienne sees the passage spilled. Sansa can still go back on her side. She reacts in panic, then says „Bran“ to herself and get herself together. Sansa goes back slowly. Beric sees Sansa in the long corridor from the distance and shouts “Lady Stark.” Sansa reacts to it, then hears the ice dragon roaring, Sansa startled and tears come to her, the ice dragon spits fire on the castle again. The ceiling rips, Sansa looks up while running. The blanket breaks in and Sansa shouts “Yes! I’m Sansa Stark from Winterfell!” Sansa sees the whole corridor collapse in front of her, she says,” This is my home, I am- “The ceiling of the corridor collapses and Sansa’s voice falls in silent. Beric reacts in shock and gets angry. Arya and the rest are riding further south, the hound says everyone should gather somewhere. Tyrion says Dany has to come from the south-east and they have to ride towards her. Arya looks absently back to Winterfell, looks sadly forward again and rides ahead in furious mood. Hound realizes that Arya is riding too far and tells Tyrion, “Then ride everyone back to the Dragon Mommy. I’ll get the Stark girl and then we’ll meet somewhere.” Tyrion agrees, Hound rides ahead and the rest rides south-east.

-Beric sees the ice dragon through hole in the wall/ceiling. Beric sees a tower and walks down the hall towards the tower. Bran looks at the collapsed castle and sees the Ice Dragon and the Night King flying over the burning castle. Beric goes up the stairs in a castle tower. At the top he puts his sword in the wooden floor. He takes his bow and draws an arrow. He targets the ice dragon and shoots him. The arrow bounces off. Beric shoots another arrow without effect. He throws the bow back into the tower, pulls his burning sword out of the wood and screams angrily at the ice dragon. The Ice Dragon flies south and the Night King sees some riders flee to the south (Arya and her companions). Beric screams angrily “come here if you dare. Stop slaughtering children and fight yourself…” Beric sees the ruined Winterfell and gets desperate, the Ice Dragon turns and flies in front of the tower a bit higher than Beric. He begins to spit fire on Beric. From the point of view of the Night King, he burns the tower. Beric keeps his burning sword in front of the dragon’s fire, the dragonfire is blocked, Beric becomes more confident and roars, “You can not kill me!” I at the Prince who was promised! ” Then the ice dragon stops spitting fire, hangs on tower, which is why it crumbles. Beric runs to the Dragonhead. Then the ice dragon eats Beric with a quick bite. The ice dragon rises again in the air and roars. From a distance the ruined winterfell is shown.

Episode 2:

Jon struggles with Ghost and Jorah from castle dreadfort. Lord Royce helps everyone to escape, dreadfort is given up and Jon sees the castle disappear in the blizzard / fog, they all flee in the direction of Winterfell. They animate a village which is near to escape. Some citizens join Jon in the fight, but many farmers die because they can not fight properly.

-Brienne flees out of Winterfell in mourning, she leaves Bran out of fear and is therefore ashamed.

-Dany meets Tyrion, Sam, Gilly and her son, Varys and Podrick. Together they fight against a white walker with hundreds of Wights. Dany rides on Drogon, with Rhaegal they burn many of the undead. The White Walkers remains untouched by the dragon fire. In the fight against white walkers. Sam calls to the soldiers, “You can only kill them with dragonglass. Or maybe with valeryan steel, but i guess you dont have any. “Arya throws her her Valyrian dagger to Grey Worm and he kills the White Walkers. All Wights disintegrate. Arya asks Sam how he knew this with the Valyrian steel. Sam answers “From Jon.” A larger army is slowly approaching in the distance. Dany says they ride back to Winterfell to meet Jon there and beat the enemy together. Controversy with Tyrion starts. Dany prevents and puts her decision through. Tyrion says they have to wait for the Dothraki. Dany gets angry and says “Do you want the north to fall and Jon with him?” Tyrion says nothing.

-Edmure Tully is with his wife and child in Riverrun. His wife wants to persuade edmure to help in the great war. Edmure answers that it’s pointless, because the wars will never stop. Whether it’s the Lannisters, Boltons, Greyjois or the dead. It will never end.

-The fleeing whore hears an army riding. She is afraid and the sounds of the unknown army are getting louder. She is getting more and more scared. Then she sees Jon’s army and shows relief. Then she sees her pursuers further back. Jon flees with his men in front of the army of the dead. They ride together to Winterfell and see Drogon flying in the distance. He spits fire and Jon reacts in shock. Jorah shouts, “Has the army of the dead already reached Winterfell?” The whore joins the soldier, sees the dragon, and roars, “Why are we riding to the damn dragon?” Jon meets with troops on Dany’s army, together they form up against the coming army of the Night King. The Night King flies around Winterfell with the ice dragon. He spits fire on the Dany troops who are forming around Winterfell. Jon sees Tyrion with Grey Worm in the distance. Jon says, “Tyrion is here. They must have evacuated Winterfell. “Jon and his troops passes Winterfell and meet Dany. Jon learns that Arya escaped but Sansa and Bran could still be in Winterfell. Together they prepare for the attack of the enemy, but the Wights form inside and around Winterfell. Tyrion realizes that the Night King is much more dangerous than initially thought. They fight but do not achieve anything. Lord Cerwyn dies and Lyanna Mormont is escorted south. Jon desperately says, “We need to rescue Sansa and Bran.” Podrick says, “If it was true what Bran said, he’s too important to lose.” Tormund shouts, “If he’s not already dead. The Stark girl is definitely dead.” Tyrion looks at him stressed and points to Jon. He snaps and kills the Wights. He goes back and yells at Tormund “We have to save them. Everything is lost without Bran. We- “Drogon’s roar interrupts Jon. Dany rides on Drogon and obstructs the Ice Dragon while attacking. Rhaegal lands at an open field near Jon. Jon sees something at the sight of Rhaegal and gets on his back. He flies to heaven and together they fight in the sky against the ice dragon. Podrick is rescued by the whore. The Dothraki come from the south but that does not help either. Rhaegal gets bitten and Jon lands with him. Tyrion runs with Tormund and Gendry to Jon. Tyrion persuades him to leave Winterfell with Bran and Sansa behind. Dany realizes that even her dragons are having trouble. She is flying south and landing behind her troops. Together they flee south.

-Arya and the Hound ride a long distance from each other further south and see a rider riding north. Bron comes from the south and rides towards Jon. He warns everyone of the golden company on Moat Cailin, Lord Manderly tells Jon “We can go to White Harbour. The ships of Queen Daenerys are there too. “Jon decides new meeting place: White Harbour and from there they go with the ships to the Eyrie, Tyrion persuades Jon to go without Arya because she is too far away and now he must take no more risk.

-Hound reaches Arya, he asks her what she is doing. She says she is certain that the Lannister armies are somewhere south of Winterfell waiting for the armies of the North. Arya and Hound are traded by White Walkers and Dead. Nymeria rescues her with pack of wolves. Arya kills the white walker in a long fight with the help of Hound and Nymeria. For this she uses her dagger of Valyrian steel. Hound complains about winning over the white walker and says “Because of these buggers all die away. Beric can pray as much as he can. Not even a god can help here.“ Arya decides to travel to Kings Landing to keep control over Cercei and her armies. Arya is certain that Cercei will fall them in the back by the first opportunity. Hound says that she should face the truth instad of running away to kill people who are thousands of miles away. Arya reacts angry. Hound says angry „face it, girl! Your family is dead. Your fucking home is under siege or lost. We could have helped them with this dragon bitch, but you wanted to run away.“ Arya gets more angry and fights the Hound. He doesnt want to kill her, but fight to stop her. He cant, because she dodges nearly every swing of his sword. She manages to cut his hand, then the hound drops his sword. Arya threatens him with the dagger, he fights back. Arya can dodge his attacks, then she manages to get him on the ground. He is impressed. Arya takes needle and point it on him. Nymeria and the pack of wolves had surounded the area where they fought. The hound locks around him and say „Fine. We kill the Queen.“ Arya puts back her weapons and the Hound stands up.

-Euron lays with gold. Comp. on the eastern coast at the Neck. A sea storm rages. The commander tells Euron he should travel back to his queen, the gold. Comp. Will do that alone. Commander orders his troops to gather in Moat Cailin. Eurons men are preparing to start his ship, many are not yet on board as they want to store new supplies for the passage to Kings Landing. Smaller greyish ship rams alone in Euron’s ship, Theon’s men capture it and free Theon and Yara. Theon turns to Euron, gets packed. Yara wants to save him, Theon frees himself but is wounded at arm. Theon protects Yara by catching an ax with his body. Yara then hits Euron to the ground and Theon’s men take Theon on their own ship. In escape, Theon says in Yara’s arms that he can not make up for his mistakes, but at least he can help the people he has deceived. Then Theon dies in her arms. Yara lays him down, takes command of the ship and flees from Euron in the storm. Euron says they should finally go. A messenger arrives and shouts to the people “Winterfell has fallen.” Euron changes plan and says they travel directly to the queen.The commander of the gold.comp. looks very serious after experiencing the news and exclaims to his soldiers “Before us are armies from Northmen, Unsullied and Dothraki, if they fail, the real enemy comes, so do not underestimate the enemy! ”

-Cercice orders to wait an attack on Winterfell as she no longer trusts Jaime with his troops. Maester Qyburn asks her what to do with Jaime if he betrays her. Cercei answers Jaime has to be captured. Maester Qyburn prepares the letter and a raven.

-Jon and Dany are preparing for departure with allies of white harbour. Podrick helps some escaping citizens onto the ship. He helps the escaped whore, she thanks and says “I’m Sarra.” Podrick is impressed. Brienne confesses to Jon that she could not save Sansa anymore. Jon looks disappointed and sad in the sky. Dany holds Jon’s hand and she tells him that she is sorry. Jon says it will continue if they do nothing. Jon says, “We’ll go to the Eyrie right away and collect all the troops there. We’re building a defense that even a dead dragon can not destroy. “Brienne questions Jon for leaving behind Arya. Jon argues with her since Brienne has left Sansa and Bran behind, though that was her only job. Jon has to take care of all his people. Brienne says she rides for Arya and find her. Tormund reacts horrified, he follows Brienne to help her. Jon says they need every man here, Podrick agrees and stays with Jon. Tormund answers proudly that he has never sworn an oath to Jon and he is free. Jon approves of it. Daenerys touches her stomach and tells Jon that she has a good feeling and thinks she sees her again.

-Brienne asks Tormund why he follows her. Tormund says, “I almost died beyond the wall. And right now, when I thought I was dying, all I could think about was one. You. “Brienne looks slightly outraged. Tormund speaks playfully to Brienne on her oath and that she obviously has broken it. Brienne tells Tormund that she’s doing this for the oath and to save at least the last child of Catelyn Stark. She says that he has no idea how she feels. Tormund answers that he lost his daughter. Brienne falls silent and gets on horseback. Tormund follows her with his horse.

Yaime leads the Lannister’s armies north and shouts to all “the golden company is not our ally, your queen wants to do anything to stay in power, so there’s a chance she might want to attack the armies of the North and armies from the Targaryen girl. In the north we have to help them and, if necessary, fight the golden company. ” His soldiers roar Jaime in agreement.

-Meera Reed tries to persuade her father in Greywater Watch that she joins forces with the King in the North. Howland Reed says thoughtfully he does not trust this Jon Snow. A messenger says the Lannister forces moves north. Howland admits that even the Lannister help in the Great War. Meera hears Brans voice and follows the sound in a next room. Meera sees no one but hears Bran again saying “Meera.” She calls him and asks if he is really here. Bran says „no“ He tells her that it looks bad and Winterfell has fallen. Meera has to flee with her family. Meera asks Bran where he is. Bran responds “in winterwell.”

Night King lands with ice dragon at the godstree. He dismounts and goes to the Weirwood tree, where Bran is waiting for him. The ice dragon roars. The Night King goes to Bran, grabs his arm and presses his hand on the weirwood tree. With his other hand, the Night King also touches the weirwood tree and puts Bran into a vision. Night King goes with Bran into a shared vision. There, Bran asks him about his motivations. He does not answer. They stand in the forest where both see their real bodies. Bran asks him why he wants to kill everyone. No Answer. Bran asks him why he killed the last 3-eyed raven. The forest becomes a hall. The royal hall in Kings Landing can be seen. Bran sees the mad king. He looks old and unkempt. Bran asks the Night King what that has to do with the 3-eyed raven. The Night King looks next to the throne. Bran looks closer and begins to see a shadow. He forms to the younger 3-eyed raven. Bran looks at 3-eyed raven and goes closer to it, he asks what this is supposed to be. He hears the voice of the 3-eyed raven, “you have to kill the enemys in the north.” The 3-eyed raven says”the white walkers are coming” The mad king starts silently to say something “enemys in the north” Bran reacts slightly surprised. The 3-eyed raven says “you have to kill them with fire” The mad king says “Fire” 3-eyed raven says „you must help the free folk.“ Mad King a little louder: “Burn” 3-eyed raven says “burn the wall, burn the enemys, burn the night King” the mad king reacts shocked after the last word. He mumbles, “burn the wall?” Bran tries to intervene and says, “No, stop that. Because of you my uncle and my grandfather are dying!” Bran stops, looks at the Night King and says, “I am your prisoner. Why do you have that kind of power?” The Night King looks up at the mad King, the mad king starts to speak louder „Burn them … Burn them all!” Bran says a bit depressing “so thats why he warned me about it, he knew it from his own experience.” Night King and Bran are standing on a hill. Bran recognizes Mort Cailin. Bran asks what the Night King wants to tell him.

Jaime meets Mort Cailin with Lannister’s armies. He sees the golden company around the castle setting up their camps. Jaime says this is a defense formation. Then he sees a scorpion attached to the wall. Jaime calls on his army, “my sister did not lie, she wants to fight all the Lords and their armies in the north. The real enemy behind the wall is no intrigue. Let’s end this here and now!” Battle begins, Jaime takes the lead in this battle through the surprise moment, then the commander skillfully encircled the Lannister armies at the castle and then trample everything with war elephants from two sides. Jaime is with a small troop on the castle and fights guards of the commander, but is captured. Bran looks at everything and says, “I understand what you want to tell me. People always betray each other. Not you. But do not think that’s why we’re easier to beat. We are many lords who think and act differently. To destroy us you have to kill every single person. We only have to kill you. We may not fight together, but we will be enough to kill you. To kill all of you.” Then the Night King sees directly in Bran’s eyes.

Episode 3: -Castle Karhold: the young Ned Umber sits scared in a hall. A messenger enters the hall and asks in panic, “Me Lord, please. We cant wait any longer. No one is coming for us … The North has fallen. We have to leave.” Ned Umber says anxiously” King Jon will come. He has a plan.” The messenger despairs and becomes angry. He roars “King Jon could already be dead.” Horn bursts sound and everyone reacts shocked. The army of the dead mauls at Castle Karhold. A white walker is on a dead horse and leads them. Ned Umber looks out of a window and says “It’s too late. I’m so sorry. I thought Jon would …” He stops and sees his men running away.

-Jon and his allies arrive on the eastern coast of the Vale. Way to the eyrie can be seen. Jon sees Yara’s ships and says they’re waiting for the Greyjois. Sam goes to Jon and says, “I’m sorry about your brother. He had visions and could see so much. “Jon says,” Maybe he even saw Cercei blowing up the sept of Baelor. ” Sam smiles playfully and says, “Well, everybody has heard of the sept.” He smiles again and Jon says “She has blown up all her enemies and her slaves chase us. The Nightking conquered the North in one fell swoop, killed two of my siblings and too many Northmen and now he’s chasing us no matter what we do, no matter where we flee. We have enemies everywhere.” Sam says, “I only hope he has not seen all the human mistakes before he …“ Jon says „If he had seen everything, maybe he did not wanted to help us anymore.” Yara arrives with allies and joins dany again. Jon asks Yara where Theon is. She says he fell in battle. Tyrion says “so in the end he got his just punishment.” Jon says angrily to Tyrion, “he betrayed his family just as you did, but he made peace with it, with the Starks and the Greyjois.” Bron stands next to Tyrion with his hand on his sword. Dany settles the conflict “Tyrion has done exactly the same.” Everybody heads up the path, Bron reminds Tyrion of the forest folk that almost killed her after Bron rescued Tyrion. Tyrion says, “Without me, the forest people would have killed you …” Tyrion thinks and Bron says, “Well, your father actually saved us by equipping these savages.” Tyrion says, “Of course, the Woods!” He goes to Daenerys and says, “Your grace, I’ve been in contact with a small army i have helped to arms. I can persuade them to join us.” Dany says he has to take a lot of escort with him. Tyrion leaves the path with Bron and some soldiers. Dany tells Jon that she is pregnant. Jon is happy despite his grief. He says „You mean that would not be possible.” Dany says “You said-” Jon interrupts her by hugging her. Dany encourages Jon that Arya is safe as long as they stop the Night King.

-Arya travels with the Hound across the Kings Road to Kings Landing. Nymeria and her pack of wolves are in the woods with them. Hound says “Are these bastards following us all the way to the capital?” Arya says, “Maybe.” They ride through a snowy forest and arrive at the Inn on the Crossroads. Hound sees the abandoned inn and says “We know what it looks like when people loot in wars. And now the end of the damn world is coming.”Arya stops and sees something. She gets off the horse. Hound notices that and says “There’s nothing to get here. If you’re smart enough, you’ll be chopped off with your own supplies as soon as the news of the fall of the Wall arrived.” Arya sees the corpse of a fat boy. She says “The chaos must have started immediately when the news arrived. Or the looters came first.” Hound sees the dead boy and says “Either way. Did not help the dumb fat cunt either. Look at him. Razor still in front of the inn. No boots and remnants of a bag. He was definitely robed. Could not get away fast enough.” Arya says “Do you know about killing fat defenseless boys?” Hound is surprised. He says “We should bury him or go on riding. But there’s nothing here for us.” Arya says “You should burn him.” Hound reacts angrily and says “Are you kidding me?” Arya says „A strong man who kills children but is afraid of fire. You deserve your title.” The Hound says „Fuck you.” Arya says „I just want to annoy you. We continue riding.” Arya and Hound ride in the forest from the Kings road. Hound asks how Arya wants to control Cercei if she’s a traitor. Arya answers she kills Cercei and then takes her place. Hound says “What in seven… Fine.” They arrive at a cave. Hound says “This is the cave of Beric and the other deserters … You really want to annoy me.” Arya says „I remeber hearing that you deserted from the battle of blackwater bay. You are not better.“

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Parte 2 do Roteiro Vazado:

Commander of the Golden Company is getting ready to head south. Commander goes to Jaime’s cell in Moat Cailin. He asks Jaime how he is doing. Jaime answers he’s getting used to getting trapped near the north. Commander asks Jaime why the armies in the north have fled and what is coming from the north. Jaime says there’s a power that we can not stop that way. Only if we do not stab each other in the back as Cercei ordered. Commander says that the famous regicide is the best example of the Westeros people. No one can trust someone and an oath is worth a shit here. Jaime says that he only has to trust one man. The King in the North, Jon Snow. He always keeps his word and therefore avoids even swearing oaths that he knows he can not hold. The commander thinks and asks Jaime what he would do. Jaime says he would support King Jon, but he still has something to do. Commander smiles a bit. The commander lets his soldiers take jaime with him and orders that all travel south towards Harrenhal. There they will surely cross King Jon’s path.

-Euron arrives with his fleet in Kings Landing at Mud Gate. -Euron and Cercei are in the throne room and talk about Jaime being captured, but have greatly weakened the Lannister’s troops. Cercei gets angry by this betrayal and yells at Euron. Euron insists on talking about it alone. Both go into a room, Euron looks at the mountain, tells him “I’m technically the king. Just wait outside, the king and the queen have to talk.” Euron goes into the room and closes the door in front of the mountain. Euron makes fun of Cercei, grabs her and says “if I do not get a wedding for my loyalty, then can I have you? ” Euron rapes Cercei. The mountain storms in and throws Euron from Cercei. Mount pulls sword, but Cercei yells “Stop! Euron is too important for that. He … “Cercei falls silent and trembles, Euron gets up and says “I’m the king now!” The mountain goes back a bit. Cercei trembles on the floor and whispers anxiously “my king…”

-Tyrion finds with Bron the leaders of the forest people and persuades them to help in the battle.

-Bran with Nightking in Vision: Robert is shown as a young soldier. Bran tries to learn something about the Night King’s thoughts, but can only get a glimpse of Harrenhal. Vision changes again: Rhaegar vs. Robert at Trydent with Rhaegar’s death. Bran sees all the soldiers fall on Rhaegar’s fallen body and he is trampled down while dying. Bran realizes what the Night King wants to tell him and talks to him „The whole time you show me how people are fighting each other. How they betrayed each other. Do you see people like that? As traitors?” The Night King looks at Bran again, Bran asks him “You were a human being yourself, why have you turned against them?” Bran looks at the many soldiers who are now over Rhaegar’s body to steal rubies from his armor. Bran says, “Sometimes it lokks like you are right, that’s true. But we can be better. We can hold together. If the people of Westeros can not do that, everything is lost. That’s why we will do it. Because there is no other option.” Nightking looks at Bran, who is again trying to see something of the Nightking in another vision. Nightking touches Brans arm again, he begins to steam, Bran shows no reaction, he calmly looks at the Nightking and says,” I’m not Bran Stark anymore, I’m much more now. ” The Night King lets go.

-Tyrion and Bron go back to Eyrie. They talk about Jaime. In doing so, Bron reveals to Tyrion what sort of offer Jaime made him to support him. Bron says „A castle and one pretty wife. I think I should settle for that.” Tyrion smiles, Bron asks him why he does not drink wine. Tyrion replies “Since I’m back in Westeros I drink less.” Tyrion denigrate Jon at the Lords present in individual secret meetings. He notices that Sam still does not know that Daenerys killed Sam’s father and brother. Varys shows slight distrust of Tyrion as he keeps his talks with the Lords so secretive.

Sam is in the Eyre and walks with Gilly and her son. Sam says “Gilly, I have a problem. I know something that Jon should know. But I’m afraid this information could destroy the relationship with Daenerys. “Gilly looks puzzled and says, “You’re talking so strange again.” Sam says, “On the one hand, I know I have to tell him…” Gilly says, “I learn a lot by reading, but you-” Sam says “On the other hand, he’s finally happy and he deserves it.” Gilly says, “I dont really understand, but if you hurt somebody with it, you should not say it. You also lied about my son, so it’s the same here, right? It is then something good. Or is that so bad?” Sam says “Well, it’s a big thing. But…” Sam looks pleased and says “I’ll tell him when this is over.”

-Jon prepares defense in the vale against the army of the dead. Jorah and Grey Worm help out in planning the battle. They want to use the narrow mountain trails to use the overwhelming number of opponents against them, so that the dead will block each other and attack only from the front.

-Meera Reed and Howland Reed leave their own castle with troops and set off to the south to gather with Jon and his allys. Howland says that they take the Kings road.

-Edmure Tully’s wife tries to persuade Edmure to help in the war and after learning that Jaime has been captured in the fight against the golden company, he should also free Jaime. Edmure’s wife says wistfully “I’m sorry, but I had to ask for help.” The Blackfish enters the room. Edmure looks at him and says “Will you make me down again or will you finally show me some gratefulness? I have had your dead proclaimed and hidden you in your home.” Blackfish says, “And I’m grateful for that. You found a solution where no one died. Even if it was the Kingslayer. But at least you are not a complete disappointment. Now call the banners and fight for our family.” Edmure agrees and sends Maester to send ravens.

-Dany and Jon go to their bedroom. Dany asks Jon why they dont face the enemy and why they are here in the Eyrie. Jon says, “Bran had visions, and the Night King could follow him in a vision, maybe he could see things like Bran, then he’ll see and attack us, too, so we’ll wait.” Dany asks Jon how he feels about it. Jon says “I think when you came to help us behind the wall, he did not surround us without reason, I think he knew you were coming.” Dany gets sad and says, “If that’s true, the Nightking has surrounded you with such a big army just for me. Without me-” Jon interrupts her and says “No, Daenerys, that’s not your fault, it was mine. I should not have commanded anyone behind the wall anymore.” Dany says, “You led them, they followed you because they wanted to, but I could not keep anyone at my side in the 7 Kingdoms. I lost them all in the war.” Jon says, “You’ve never lost me, and I rule over more than half of Westeros.” He smiles at her. Dany says, “It does not change anything. Without me, the wall might still stand.” Jon says, “That’s just a guess.” Dany says, “The last time the white walkers came to Westeros was over 1,000 years ago, and now that I have my children, they come back again.” Jon wants to interrupt her “Daenerys-” Dany says “What if it’s true? What if they just came back to steal my children. Without me-” Jon roars “Without you, I’d be dead! Either through the Night King behind the Wall or meeting with Cercei, you saved me.” Dany says, “And you not only gave me the north, but a child.” She holds her stomach and Jon approaches her. She says, “My first child died before I could see it, and shortly afterwards my husband died.” Jon holds her hand and says, “Our child will not die, I will not die.” He smiles briefly and says “I want to take care of our child and thats only possible when we win this war.” Dany says, “If we win, what will happen next? My hand kept pointing out to me that I needed a successor if I die.” Jon smiles at her and says, “You’re not going to die, I still need you, but once you’re on the iron throne, our kid should become the rightful heir to the throne.” Dany says “It looks like our kid is going to be…” Jon says, “A bastard, like me, unless …” Jon holds Dany’s hands. Dany says, “Unless we marry.” Jon smiles at her and says, “Let’s get married while there’s still time.” They kiss.

-Bron realise the looks from Sarra to Podrick. Bron says to Podrick “You have to get here before we’re all dead.” Podrick denies it, Bron says, “According to the whores from Kings Landing, you’re more than well prepared.” Podrick says, “Good.” He talks to her, but she is just flirting. Podrick is surprised when she leaves. Bron appears impressed and says, “Not bad for the start.” Podrick says, “Do it better.” Bron says, “With fighting you have your problems, but you can handle women. And you idiot do not even notice.” Podrick says, “I dont understand. I have not achieved anything at all.” Bron says “The women you do not pay for have to be conquered like a castle. Step by step. You have not cracked the walls yet but you could say you’ve got yourself in a perfect position.” Podrick is astonished and asks, “Really? And what now?” Bron says “Oh boy, do i really have to explain everything to you? ”

-Brienne rides with Tormund along the Kings road to the south. Tormund talks to Brienne about Sansa’s death and compares it to Ygritte. Brienne is pissed about the talking point at first, but Tormund tells her that there are things she should just forget and other things she have to accept because they’ll kill you otherwise. Brienne looks at him stunned. Both ride further and notice that an army is approaching from the north. They wait and see the soldiers of Howland Reed. Brienne and Tormund ride to Howland Reed and after a welcome they ride with them. Meera talks to Brienne about how they both protected the Starks, Bran and Sansa. Meera says they both failed, but the war for life continues.

-Jon and Dany get married so that their child will not be a bastard. Sam holds the wedding as an aspiring Maester. Jon and Dany then go into a bedroom and complete the marriage, where Jon can already see the pregnancy on the belly.

-Tyrion let know Sam that Daenerys executed Sams father and brother. Sam wants to confront Dany and gets into conflict with Jon. He roars to all the lords that Jon married a murderess and Jon himself is a Tagaryen. Sam reveals Jons true name to everyone and says that one day his child may become a mad king. Lord Royce reacts in horror and asks, “Why should Eddard Stark bring a targarian to Winterfell and raise him like a son of his own?” Sam replies that Eddard’s sister Lyanna Stark is the mother, and Rhaegar and Lyanna even got married. Dany looks at Jon in shock. Lyanna Mormont defends Jon because he has always acted like his foster Lord Eddard. Sam says that he travels to the rest of his family. Varys realizes that Tyrion is behind all this and even asks him if he knows where Sam got the information from, that dany had executed Rendyl and Dickon Tarly. Tyrion says he does not know. Varys looks at him with relief. Varys writes a letter in a dark room and gives it to Maester.

-Jon sees Sam riding away with Gilly and her son. Daenerys goes to Jon and she asks him what’s going on here, why are all the allys leaving since they seperate in winterfell. Lannisters, Greyjois and now the Tarlys. Jon says that’s Dany’s fault. Although she may be better than Cercei, yet she simply executed her enemies, even though they only obeyed orders, she had already surrendered. Dany becomes more serious and says that she gave them a choice and they decided to die. Jon asks her why she did not listen to her advisors. Tyrion, Varys or Missandei must have tried to bring her to a good decision. Dany gets angry and asks “a good decision? I’m still the rightful ruler.” Jon says, “No, if it’s true what Sam said, then I have the higher claim to the throne.” Dany freezes. Jon wants to say something but stops. He hears Brans voice and tells him he must go to the eyes of the gods. The Night King wants something there.

-Bran with Night King in Vision: Night King as a young man who meets with children of the forest on Island of Faces. It’s snowing strong. He is referred to as Azor Ahai, and a peace deal is sealed with blood on dragonglass dagger. The blood runs from the blade to a seed that lies on the grass. Bran notes that the dagger was connected to the seed by this sort of blood ritual. Bran says that this seed becomes a weirwood tree. This can strengthen Bran’s powers. He asks the Night King if the blood ritual has been strengthened. Bran sees the children of the forest bury the bloody seed. Bran says he lays down a curse that activates with the introduction of the dagger. Then they bury a seed together with the bloody dragonglass dagger. Bran realizes that the Night King has also been betrayed. He asks the Nightking if he knew that they wanted to make him a weapon. The Night King does not answer.

-It’s night. Dany says she feels something, a kind of foreboding that something is about to happen. Jon thinks the enemy is coming and says everyone should go to their posts. Jon tells Dany and all the other lords in the room that he heard Bran in a kind of vision. Bran wants us to travel to the Eye of the Gods. The night king wants to go there.

The soldiers slowly search the narrow mountain trails in the darkness. Blue glowing eyes shine out of the darkness and approach faster. The battle begins. Archers look for ice dragon, no one to see.

-Dany wants to ride on Drogon but Missandei stops her by remembering her about the pregnancy.

-Jon fights higher and is happy that the plan works.

-Daenerys begins to stare absently at a wall in the throne room. Missandei notices this and asks Dany „is everything all right, your Grace?” Dany says “oh no.”

-Bron sees white walkers sneaking from the sides behind the frontline. Bron calls to Jon and he notices the white walkers. Jon acts against it. The army of the dead is hardly progressing. Jon and his people fall back a bit, but are clearly in the advantage. The ice dragon flies down from above.

-Dany looks serious at the ceiling. She says “Dracarys”

-The Ice Dragon spits fire in the narrow mountain trails. Drogon lands at Jon and spits his fire against the flames of the Ice Dragon into the narrow mountain trail. Rhaegal lands nearby and attacks the dead. Drogon flies up and fights the ice dragon. Bron sees this fight and shouts, “I think thats better than this huge crossbow.” Jon realizes that Drogon is having trouble. Jon is getting on Rhaegal, Jorah and grey worm are holding the front together. Bron is heading for a white walker at the side. Jorah is fighting and notices Bron’s action as he calls and throws him a dragonglass dagger to fight the white walker, but he can not kill him. Ghost jumps in front of Bron and helps him fall back. Jon struggles in the sky against the ice dragon with the Nightking. Drogon helps on the ground. After fighting in the sky, the ice dragon bites Rheagal in his throat. Jon falls with him to the mountain. Jon manages to keep to a mountain trail, Rheagal rolls further down. Drogon roars and manages to hit the battered Ice Dragon with his fire to stop most of it, but something is burning the Ice Dragon. This fire goes out shortly thereafter. Jon is rescued by Podrick, with him he realizes that this is not a normal wight.

Robin Arryn is in the throne room with Dany, Missandei, Tyrion, Varys, Podrick, Lord Royce, and Lyanna Mormont. Yara comes and says that it does not look good and that they should clear a way before they are all encircled here. Some talk about next step in the battle. Lord Royce proposes to flee and leave for Harrenhall. Dany agrees. Tyrion says he does not trust in magic and visions. He prefers to travel directly to Kings Landing. Lyanna Mormont says she also does not believe in visions, but after all that has happened in the last few months, she now even believes that the new gods really exist. But she believes above all in King Jon, Aegon Targaryen or whatever his name is. Robin arryn roars that the eyrie is safe and no one is allowed to run away. Everyone ignores him and agree with Yara because of the bad situation. They go with her, Lord Royce goes to Robin Arryn and tries to reason with him. As he roars, Tyrion knocks him down with a shield and says, “I’ve always hated that boy.” Lord Royce takes Robin Arryn unconscious over his shoulder and follows the others out of the hall. Drogon, Jon, Ghost, Bron and Jorah are fighting together to free the way. Grey worm is killed by a white walker in front of missandei. Yara leads the escape from the mountain. The Ice Dragon attacks the eyrie and lets it collapse. All survivors escape from the mountains and flee safely to their fleets on the eastern coast. The Wheigts jump in pursuit off the cliffs and continues running after the impact. Yara roars that they should travel through the crab bay to the Trident and from there across the country to Harrenhal.

-Jon and Gendry turn back to burn Rhaegal’s body. Gendry says his father killed Jon’s father, it would only be fair if the bastard of the murderer sacrifices himself for the victim’s bastard. Jon answers that he probably never was a bastard, but he only knows it that way. Gendry sees the ice dragon flying around the Eyrie in the sky and says to Jon, “It does not matter anymore. Whether rightful heir or bastard. You are the leader now. Do me a favor and protect Arya, she was like a family to me. Maybe the only good thing in my life.” Gendry runs with his torch to Rhaegal. Wights pursue Gendry and Ice Dragon lands near Rhaegal. Gendry fights some Wights. He runs to Rhaegal with the Torch. Nighting lands near to Rhaegal. He sees Gendry. Gendry throws Torch on Rheagal and he starts to burn slowly.

-Jon keeps going in the direction of his allies. While walking, he sees Bran. Jon is startled and stops. He looks at Bran scared and asks if he is real. Bran says, “You have to break his curse. He only furfills the purpose for which he was created.” Jon looks at him in confusion, Bran disappears and Jon looks back seeing the fire continue to burn. Jon continues to run to his allies.

Night King hears Brans voice and looks distracted. Gendry is shaking in fear. The fire on Rhaegal is spreading slowly. Night King looks at Gendry and walks up to him. Gendry remains frozen in fear. He wants to say something, Nightking throws his sword like a spear into Gendry’s chest. He got smashed on a rock and bounces off. Gendry lays on the ground bleeding. The Night King sees Rhaegal continue to burn. Gendry turns on his back, spits blood and turns his head to the Night King. He looks Gendry in the eye. From everywhere Whights come and rush to Gendry. They tear him apart.

Episode 4: -Howland Reid and Meera Reid ride with troops against the golden company. They attack the them and the imprisoned Lannister soldiers begin an uprising. The golden company hurries in the course of the battle. They fight on two fronts against the troops of Howland Reid and their own prisoners. They scare the war elephants, then they trample down their own men. Brienne is with Tormund and some soldiers and charges to the rebellious prisoners. Brienne sees Jaime. He fights against a soldier of the golden company. Brienne charges to him and kills Jime’s opponent. A soldier attacks Brienne, Tormund rescues her. Brienne looks at him in awe. The golden company is separated. Howland Reid calls to his own men and the surviving Lannister soldiers, “We must join the King of the North and the Mother of Dragons, otherwise we have no chance of survival.”

Jon and his allys travel to Harrenhal and talk about traveling from there over the Gods Eye to the Island of Faces by ship. Dany asks Jon why only Drogon is here. She begins to have tears in her eyes. Jon tells her the truth about Rhaegal, apologizes and hugs her. Jorah sees this and asks Jon and Dany if he can bring Samuel Tarly back. They agree and he rides to Sam’s home, Dany orders Yara to travel with her fleet to Dragonstone and bring as much Dragonglass as they can find to harrenhal, including the unprocessed one.

-Arya and the Hound continue riding towards Kings Landing, riding past Harrenhal. Hound asks Arya what she’s up to exactly. Arya tells him that she has a plan to get to the Queen without a fight. Hound asks if she has the solution for the crap in her bag. Arya says, “Yes and now stop asking.” Hound says “I told you once next time you are going to kill someone, tell me first.“ Arya does not answer,” Hound notes that Nymeria and the wolf pack of Arya and him separate. Arya says, “Nymeria does not follow me, she protects me.” Hound asks, “And why do they run away?” Arya says, “Wolves swear no oaths, she protects me until she no longer considers it necessary.” Hound says, “Oh really? Oaths have never stopped me from leaving kings, I’m leaving people as soon as I realize that I would do a favor to the people if I kill them.” Arya says, “You call the Brotherhood without banners deserters, but since you’re talking so much… Since when do you actually talk so much?” Hound is surprised and says “These killer trainers have probably taught you a lot, even your fucking water dancing from that time has gotten better.” Arya says uninterested “Thank you.”

-Bran is in a Vision: Night King was involved in building the wall as a human. The long night was over. Bran asks him how he got over the long night. Bran realizes that Azor Ahai was born within the long night.

-Arrival at Harrenhall, Dany orders all troops not to come to the island south of the Gods Eye (thats a lake) if they have to flee the island quickly. Bron sees troops coming from the north. Robin Arryn complains that he has to sleep in a cursed castle that has been destroyed by a dragon and the enemy has one. Bron looks at him and says disparagingly, “Why are you still alive?” Jon sees an army coming from the north and says, “This is the banner of the Reeds.” Meera Reid arrives with troops, Jaime talks to Tyrion, Tormund asks Brienne who the one-handed man was, Brienne does not answere. Jon asks Brienne if she has found Arya. Brienne answers “no”. Davos takes command with the Lords of the North and Lord Royce to orders the troops to travel south tomorrow. Dany orders everyone to stay here for the night.

-Jon accompanies Dany to the bedroom. Dany is visibly uncomfortable with the situation. Jon asks her what’s going on and she says shamefully, “We’re related. How should this work? What if our child, like so many other Targaryan children, becomes insane with incestuous relationships? You are the son of my dead brother. As if you were the child of Vyseris…” Jon grabs her by the shoulder, looks her in the eye and says “the first woman I was with was someone from the enemy camp. I betrayed my men, had several oaths broken and even put the enemy behind the wall so they could attack my men. It was a huge mistake, but I loved her and even if everything ended tragically, I did not regret it. And this? We are allies, but now I have more duties since im a king but defenedly less restrictions on women. And apart from the blood, we hardly share anything. I do not even have white hair. How many Targarian can I be?” He smiles and Dany smiles as well, asking him how this all can be. Enemies become allies and allies gets enemys. Her dead child returned to attack her and now her husband and father of her next child is her neffew. Jon says that it was tradition among the Targaryens to marry members of the family. Dany says that she had never felt anything for her brother except fear and hate. Jon says that he never did something in that way to Dany. Dany smiles and asks him if she has to fear Jon because his claim to the throne is higher than hers. Jon says he’s already committed to his Queen Daenerys, and he would never mess with his wife, Dany Smile again. They kiss, Dany says, “If your men are really that loyal as you believe, then it could work. At least I hope so… ” Jon looks at her.

-Podrick is in his bedchamber talking to himself “I can do that.” He’s just walking to the door when there’s a knock. He opens the door and Sarra comes in. They sleep with each other. Here Sarra also learns that Podrick has licked the whores from Kings Landing and was rather holding back. He was also very keen on experimenting, but asked the whores what they like and that’s why the whores there liked it so much. Sarra says, “So that’s your secret. A handsome boy who knows no bounds but answers the whores’ wishes and gives them a whole new experience.”

-King Landing in the red keep: Euron reports Cercei in a small room about the fall of the Eyrie, Cercei says “We lie to the people so our people fight united against the enemies from the north. This one undead is no evidence of an overpowering threat and months have passed since meeting these traitors. The people are already doubting these stories.” Euron says that he has seen the threat and it is huge, Cercei says,” Even if it’s true, as long as we do not participate in this war, all we have to do is take care of the winner and the will be weakened. ” Euron says that this makes no sense and he wants to flee to the Iron Islands because not even the mother of dragons with the united north has defeated the night king. Cercei questions Euron why he is leaving his queen, his future wife, out of fear. Euron argues with her, he asks her why his wife is already pregnant before the wedding. Cercei says she slept with her brother. She is the queen and can do whatever she wants. Euron seizes her stomach so Cercei moans loudly and backs away. Euron pushes her away and she falls against the wall. She gets angry and starts to shiver. Euron looks at her, smiles and says “The child of my wife must be my child. So probably the people will think it? My wife is wretched.” Euron leaves the room, tapping the mountain on the shoulder, Cercei starts to bleed between her legs, she cries and slips on the floor.

Littlefinger goes with Hound through the Gate of the Gods to Kings Landing. Hound says to Littlefinger “I’ve really seen a lot of shit, but this is by far the most disgusting I’ve ever seen. You have his face … and then yours … No idea how that works, any dumb god of death again.” Littlefinger says “once we’re asked what happened, you let me talk.” Hound says, “When this crap doesnt work, then we’re both dead.” Arya goes to the city watch and says he has to go to the queen and wants to be escorted by the city watch and says “follow me, my lord” Littlefinger talks softly to Hound “When I returned to Winterfell and met Sansa, she was different. She looked more confident, but also colder. It used to be different, but she did not know how this game was going. Sansa must have learned a lot while she was trapped by our enemies. She taught me all this, but more unintentionally. Only thanks to her did we get this opportunity. ” Hound says „You not just sound like him. You can even talk like this little peace of shit.“

-The throne room: The city watch leads Littlefinger and the hound through the large entrance gate. Euron sits comfortably on the throne and asks who these two are. Littlefinger reacts in surprise and says “I was expecting Queen Cercei Lannister.” Euron smiles and says “Yes … there is a new king now, you know how this works, one gets poisoned, the other jumps out the window … Well, sometimes a queen just goes crazy.” Cercei moves into the throne room. Because of the mountain Euron clears the iron throne and the weak-looking Cercei takes seat on the iron throne. Cercei asks what two traitors want here. Littlefinger waits a moment and then speaks “I’m sorry, my queen, but what are you talking about? I do not remember ever betraying you.” Cercei says angrily “You’ve helped the Starks to ally with the Knights of the Vale, then they killed my Warden of the North. An important ally is now dead! ” Littlefinger reacts anxiously, Hound gets nervous. Littlefinger says, “My Queen, you have been deceived. I’ve been looking for her on your behalf. But when Robin Arynn learned that his cousin was in danger, he helped her. I was in winterfell during the battle of Winterfell and was captured after the victory of the Starks. Without Varys, I had the only confidential network of spies. They tortured me so I tell them how they can fool you. Forgive me, my Queen.” Cercei starts to think, she looks at Maester Qyburn and speaks again with Littlefinger. “I have a network of spies, Varys and Maester Pycelle have left a gap that only he could fill, and he will give me good informations. And he told me that you’re a traitor.” Littlefinger takes a step forward and says, “Then he’s a liar, none of you were there to see what happened. None of you knows what happened in Winterfell. This pack of wolves is more dangerous than you think, your Grace. Without the hound I would never have done it. He freed me.” Cercei replies “The Hound has deserted in the fight against Stannis. If you’re not a traitor, he must be one!” Littlefinger answers “It was a sure loss until Tywin Lannister arrived with his troops and the tyrells and won the battle. Before that it looked pretty bad, as I heard. Do you blame a soldier for fleeing out of fear?” Hound says angrily “Hey!” Cercei gets angry and says, “And who’s the traitor here? Who’s lying now?” Littlefinger is calmer and says “My Queen, only you, the Hound and I are the only ones in the room I know. Together we held the throne after the tragic loss of King Robert. And now I see many new faces here. A greed demanding your throne and a Maester without a chain. So why are you asking me who the traitor is?” Cercei looks around. Littlefinger says quiet “Just ask yourself who in this room did more harm than good to you?” Cercei looks negatively surprised. Euron goes forward and says angrily “You have no idea what’s happening in Westeros right now. You better get away before you spread any more lies!” Cercei says “No, a soldier shall give them a room to recover after this trip. I want to hear their version of the story before I decide!” The soldiers accompany out Littlefinger and the Hound.

-Jon, Dany, Tyrion, Jaime, Bron, Howland and Meera Reid tavels to the Gods Eye and notice that much water has been frozen by the cold weather and ice floes are floating on the surface. They climb onto a ship on a pier at the Gods eye and set out to the island of faces, while some soldiers destroy the ice floes on the ship. Meera talks to Jon about Bran’s visions, Meera wants to help Jon somehow breaking that kind of curse. Howland tells his daughter that it’s true that Jon is not a bastard. Meera asks him how he wants to know, Howland does not answer.

-The Golden Company gathers in the crown lands on the goldroad.

-Sam is in the distance with his remaining family. He finds out that his familysword made of valyrian steel must be processed with dragonglass, as Jon has killed some white walkers with his Valyrian sword Longclaw. Jorah meets Sam and persuades him to help Jon in this war. He has to come back. Sam says that Jon always came back. He can not forgive Dany for killing his family. But he can forgive Jon for loving her.

-Arrival on Island of Faces. There is a stone circle just like in the first episode of the circle of corpses. In the middle is a weirwood tree. Jon tries to figure out what Bran meant by the Night King’s curse. Jon says he has never seen this rock formation before. He only knows the spiral patterns but he has never seen this circle of stones. Meera asks if the tree is perhaps important to this type of curse. Tyrion asks Jon if he knew all along that he is not a bastard. Jon says he can hardly believe it himself. Jon says, “My father should be Rhaegar Targaryen. But he never was one to me. He was dead before I was born.” Tyrion says that Jon is the reason why the mad king was overthrown. Howland Reid interferes. He asks, “How much do you know about Jon Snow?” Dany says that they have learned that Jon is the son of Rhaegar Targaryen and Lyanna Stark. Meera says Jon is the rightful heir to the throne, Bron says, “Actually, that’s wrong. It’s all shit, because no one can prove it, or was there anyone at Jon’s birth?” Howland says, “Not directly, but I was with Lord Eddard Stark at the Tower of Joy, where Lyanna Stark was imprisoned.” Tyrion approaches Howland and says, “Still, he’s a Bastard. Rhaegar was already married to Elya Martell.” Howland asks, “And why did Rhaegar hire his best men to protect Lyanna and her child, when there was a rebellion?” Dany gets loud “What are you saying? Did he not kidnap her then?” Howland says, “I do not know where this rumor came from, but Rhaegar was popular all over the country, and nobody would have thought he could abduct someone.” Tyrion says, “What if Jon or Aegon is not a bastard? What if he has the claim to the Iron Throne? Maybe Sam was right and they really married” Dany grows louder “Do you planing what happens after my death again?” Tyrion says, “That’s not what I’m concerned with. I just want to know the possibilities of your allies.” Dany just wants to say something, then Jon interferes “I’ve already pledged my life to Queen Daenerys. I married her and she’s expecting our kid goddamn! I have no reason to want to hurt her. I’d rather die for her!” Dany looks at him calmly, Tyrion looks disappointed, Ice Dragon roars from afar. All look scared to the water, Night King comes with Ice Dragon. All reacts scared, Night King lands, descends and walks slowly to the Stone Circle. He looks straight into Jon’s eyes as Bran talks to Meera “The children of the forest have made him an uncontrollable weapon, and I do not even think he could stop it himself.” Night King touches the old weirwood tree and the tree starts slowly to die. It freezes and turns slowly to ice. At the water, a soldier sees a white fog. He notices that the water freezes around the ice floes. This will freeze the ship in the water. The soldier sees many blue eyes glowing in the fog, coming quickly and hectically closer. The soldier warns everyone. Meera is scared and tells Jon that she believes that the Night King is now peaceful. Bron asks Tyrion why they are all still alive when the Night King just created them to kill. Tyrion says “According to Jon, they would all die when the Night King dies.” Jon asks the Nightking what is happening now and if the war is over, Nightking looks aside, Jon sees no one, Night King sees Bran, Bran asks in alarm, “What do you mean wth that? Why should the war never end?!” The fog reaches the island. The allied soldiers are ready to fight. The Wights and White Walkers immediately attack the humans. Jon attacks the Night King with his sword. The Nightking grabs Jons sword, with some fingers are beaten away. Jon tries to pull the sword back, but it does not work. Night King strikes Jon several feet away. Bron shouts “Run!” Meera is frozen in fear, she sees Hodor as a wight, Dany rides away on Drogon with Jon, Bronand Tyrion. The rest on the island flee to their ship. Jon screams to Meera “Meera run!” Meera remains frozen in fear. Bran looks on and says to the Night King, “Why are you doing this? Your curse is broken, you do not have to kill anyone anymore. Meera watches as Hodor walks towards her, she starts to cry in fear but pulls her dagger, the Nightking ignores Bran and watches as Hodor kills Meera.

-Jon and the rest on Drogon fly south and meet their troops which have now regrouped at the southern end of the gods eye. Davos tells Jon that they need to go to Kings Landing. Davos does not trust Cercei and wants to smuggle Yara’s people into the city in the case of a battle. Jon agrees because Tyrion and Jaime know for sure how to get into town in that case. Tyrion says it’s not a good idea to entrust this task to Davos because he braught himself and his companions in danger at the last smuggling. At least Tyrion tells him how he gets through the sewers at the Mud Gate. Davos rides east. Dany noticed an army coming from the north. Jon sees them and recognizes the banner of the Tullys. Edmure Tully, the Blackfish, their troops and their citizens meet Jon and his allys.

-Yara arrives at Dragonstone and orders her people to charge all the dragonglas they can find.

-Littlefinger is in his room and pulls Needle and his valyrian dagger under his belt from his costume on his back. He hides needle in his bed and hides the dagger on his back under his garb. He tells the guard behind his door that he must speak to the queen.

-In the throne room, Littlefinger approaches the throne in the hall. He stops in front of the steps. Cercei sits on the throne and asks, “Lord Baelish, what do you want to tell me about?” Littlefinger says, “I do not want to appear disrespectful to your guards, but can we discuss this secretly? You will probably know best how to handle this information.” Cercei agrees and orders all to leave the room. The mountain stops beside Cercei, all other guards leave the hall. Cercei looks to the side. There are Maester Qyburn and Euron. Euron asks Cercei angrily, “What? Arent you trusting your king suddenly?” Cercei gets angry and says “I said everybody leaves the room!” Euron and Maester Qyburn go. Euron says, “As long as the giant zombie is allowed to stay here…” Cercei, the mountain and Littlefinger are alone, Littlefinger looks angry at the mountain, Cercei asks “And now, tell me who the traitor is!” Littlefinger looks relaxed at Cercei and asks, “My Queen, I asked you to think about who harmed your new allies more than helping you.” Cercei says, “I understand what you meant to accomplish. But euron gives me an armada in exchange for his disrespect. And Qyburn saved the mountain’s life so he can protect me. He helped me kill my enemies in one fell swoop.” Littlefinger says “Helping killing your enemys? Didnt that cause even more problems later on? I heard that Tyrion Lannister took the Martells and the Tyrells to the Targaryen girl, shortly after this accident in the Sept of Baelor. Your brother later allied your enemys with each other.” Cercei gets angry and screams “Tyrion Lannister is an important ally! He spies on the traitors for us!” Littlefinger looks surprised, saying, “Qyburn urged you to kill families you could have joined with, and I heard you had common issues with this fanatic sparrows.” Cercei calms down and looks serious. “You were here yourself.“ Littlefinger says „Yes, my queen, but imagine Qyburn never told you about this possible accident and Tyrion would never have fled, would you have as many enemies as you have now?” Cercei looks angrily at Littlefinger. Then she looks into the empty throne room. She mumbles “Maybe we would have defeated this dragon bitch. Maybe Tommen would be… “Cercei cries and mumbles” Myrcella…” Littlefinger looks serious and let appear a smile for a moment.

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-Jon and his allys sees the gold. Comp. On the goldroad and attack their camp. Gold. Comp. is keeping the upper hand. Sam comes to help with his own troops. Dany can no longer ride on Drogon because of her pregnancy and Jon is in the middle of the battle, so Drogon can not join him. Dany holds back Drogon with a roar due to the unmanageable chaos. Jaime helps the Blackfish in the fight. Edmure Tully joins the fight. Jon is fighting with Brienne and Tormund against the enemy soldiers. The war elephants are holding back anxiously as Drogon roars further back. Bron brings Tyrion behind the enemy lines and faces the commander. He says there is a better solution here because the real enemy is already on the way.

-Golden company surrenders and Jon talks to the commander. Dany assures immunity for him and the former Knights of the Golden Company in Westeros, if they surrender fully and bend the knee. He agrees, but Jon looks suspiciously.

Varys faces Tyrion and asks him why he does all this. Tyrion realizes that Varys knows more and says he can not betray his family anymore. And that he knows he can advise well a happy Cercei with a child. Better than this stubborn Targaryen Girl. Varys asks him what his plan is. Tyrion looks around and tells Varys about the soldiers standing around. Tyrion asks, “I hope you know how the game will continue for us from now on.” Varys asks Tyrion determinedly, “You had a deal with your sister at the last meeting, didnt you? What did she tell you? What did she have to tell you to betray Daenerys?” Tyrion answers “I learned about her coming child. And she told me about a prophecy. She learned as a child that she would marry the king and would have three children. They should all die. Everything happened, but this witch told her more. A younger and prettier woman would take her power.” Varys says, “That’s probably going to happen. That’s why you support Cercei.” Tyrion says “From that point on, I already wanted to help her, but she told me everything. The reason she hated me all my life.” Varys says, “Because your mother died at birth. Or not?” Tyrion says, “No, that just confirmed the predictions of the prophecy. This witch also told her that her little brother would kill her.” Varys reacts in surprise and says, “I hate prophecy. This is just cruel… Tell me one thing before this game ends. How are you going to save Cercei?” Tyrion answers he tells him when he finds out what Varys heard as a child in the fire. “What did you had to hear to make you hate any kind of magic?” Varys tells him the story, “after the priest threw my manhood into the fire, he asked if he would get answers, and the voice answered him. The voice said he had already fulfilled his part, he brought me here and forced me to listen. The voice suddenly spoke to me, she said I will fulfill an important part, I become to serve so many kings until I have found the true king who will fight the true enemy, but every king I will serve before I will bring them just death.” Tyrion realizes that its true. Varys has served the mad king, Robert Baratheon, Joeffrey, and the true leader of this country, when there was no king, Tywin. Apparently he has found the right Queen with Dany. Varys says, “I believe the true king or Queen is the one who leads us in the battles.” Tyrion says, “So that’s why Daenerys is going to die?” Varys says, “If you succeed, then I’m just as responsible for that as for any other dead king.” Now Varys wants to know what Tyrion is up to, Tyrion answers humbly, “A Lannister always pays his debt, but as soon as you find out, you’ll get never see the true Queen again.” Varys says, “I knew that. I prepared for it before I faced you. Just promise me that I will not die by fire, my old friend” Tyrion says sad but determined “when you first threatened me, I told you how you will die.”

  • Jon, his allies and the golden Company set off for Kings Landing.

-Vary’s body is found by a soldier in the river.

  • In Volantis, a red priestess walks through an alley full of people. She walks through a door into a house in a room and meets Melisandre. She gives Melisandre a letter. She opens and reads it. The other red priestess asks her what its says. Melisandre answers “A warning. I knew that I would return to Westeros. A spider has told me about possible traitors in the ranks of the prince who was promised.” The red priestess asks her if she has known for some time who the Prince.” Melisandre replies, “I do not know who it is, but I know which people I have brought together, ice and fire. One of them must be the prince who was promised and according to my old friend, this person is in danger that he or she does not see coming.”

-Melisandre travels with a ship from the harbor to Westeros.

-Cercei sits on the iron throne and talks to Euron “I’ve known you only a short time ago and so far you have served well, but that you’ve trapped exactly the traitors for me that I wanted to see suffer the most…” Cercei fells in silent for a moment and looks angrily “A traitor would do just that. Give me what I want the most…” Euron reacts angrily and wants to say something. Cercei interrupts him “I do not trust you anymore. I want you to return to the front line and prove your loyalty.” Euron says angrily, “That’s ridiculous, I’m the next-“Cercei begins to feel a pain. She touches her stomach and looks angry. Euron, Maester Qyburn and Littlefinger reacts in surprise. Cercei starts screaming. She gets off the throne and collapses. Maester Qyburn goes to her and tries to help her. Qyburn says, “It’s the child, your Grace.” Cercei says to Maester Qyburn that he should save the child, he says he cant, something is wrong. He says there is a possibility, he can cut her belly. Cercei denies it and force him to save it without killing his queen. He can not manage it, she gives birth to her child and Maester Qyburn says it does not breathe. As it is dead, Cercei sees it and starts to cry heavily. Euron glares at Cercei and then at the mountain, saying, “I’m fine, I’m going to my men.” Littlefinger smiles something. Cercei screams, “Traitor! I told you to save my child! He was right with you! I am only surrounded by traitors! Command refusal equals a betrayal! Kill him!” The mountain just wants to kill him, then the crying Cercei screams “No! He should suffer. He should die screaming! ” A soldier brings a barrel with sea-fire. He pours Maester Qyburn into it and inflames it. He screams and Cercei cries and screams.

Episode 5: -Bran asks the Night King why he does that when he has the choice now. Night King shows Bran several visions: He sees the arrival of the first men over the broken arm, which was still a whole connection between Westeros and Essos at that time. The children of the forest who use a weirwood tree to flood the broken arm. Then you see a battle between the children of the forest and the first men. The white walkers coming out of a blizzard and leading a battle against the first men and the children of the forest. The Andals who arrived with their ships in Westeros and fight against the first men. Aegon Targaryan destroying Harrenhal with 3 dragons and then with his 3 dragons against thousands of people in the battle and burning everyone. The fight between two dragons in the sky (probably from the Dance of the Dragons). Then you see the mad king orders to burning alive Rickard Stark and Brandon Stark with wildfire. Brandon is tied to the neck held tight by a noose. He strangled himself trying to save his father. Bran stops the vision and says, “You never wanted to break the curse. You want to kill people. For what? What brings you a dead Westeros?”

-Kings Landing in the evening. The snow is falling slowly from the sky. You can see the armies of Jon, Dany, Robin Arryn and the Commander of the Golden Company. They ride to Kings Landing. Jon, Dany, Jaime, Tyrion, Bron, Missandei, Jorah, Sam, Gilly and their son, Lord Royce, Howland Reed, all the Lords of the North (Lyanna Mormont, Lord Glover), the armies of the North, the Unsullied and the Dothraki, the commander of the golden company and the golden company continue to ride towards the city wall. Sam tells Jon that Kings Landing is the last safe fortress on Westeros. If something goes wrong, Westeros is lost. Jon orders Lyanna Mormont with a few men, to bring everyone who cant fight properly to Dorne. If the Night King wins here, everyone on Westeros must flee. Gilly rides with her son to Lyanna Mormont and Robin Arryn. Sam stays and says, “I’ve killed one of those before. They need me here.” Dany calls Gilly and says, “If you do not know where to go, travel to the Dragon Bay, where everyone is welcome looking for freedom.” Gilly rides south with her son, Lyanna Mormont, Robin Arryn and a few soldiers. The rest continues south-east to Kings Landing’s Gate of the Gods. At the same time Jaime talks to Jon that he is sorry he could not keep his promise to Catelyn Stark. He should have saved Sansa but could not protect her. Jon tells him he knows that Jaime has crippled Bran. Jon says “Bran was always good at climbing. He must have seen you with your sister. At least many believed that later.” Jon forgives him since he’s changed since then, noting that it’s the result of the War of the five kings, and the best proof of how fast conflicts arise and how quickly they get out of control. Jon wants to prevent that with Dany on the Iron Throne. Jaime also notes that he has learned from Catelyn that you sometimes have to make peace with your worst enemies so that the kingdom is not in chaos. It is not about yourself but about the People you love. Jon says, “That’s not true, it’s always about those who cant protect themselves, the people have always been under the mercyless ruling of the lords, but when all this is over, this will be no more!” Dany rides alongside Jon and says, “I know you want to trust Cercei, but I do not think she’ll just let us and our troops into their city.” Jon says, “I can use Drogon to fly to the Red Keep and talk to her.” Jaime says, “No, I know her and I know how she thinks. Jon, bring me to her with this dragon. I’ll talk reason into her.” Jon agrees. Drogon lands on Dany’s command next to the troops. Ghost runs faster to be next to Sam. Jaime is having a farewell conversation with Tyrion in case something goes wrong. Tyrion says, “You know that. There is always something wrong.” He smiles and Jaime rides with Jon to Drogon. Jon and Jaime get on Drogon and both fly over the city walls.

Cercei sits on the iron throne. The mountain and littlefinger are standing next to her. A messenger arrives at Cercei, stops in front of the stairs and says “The King of the North and the Tagaryen girl are here with their troops. The golden company is with them and with the Lannister troops. I’m supposed to tell you that the city watch is leaving them in.” Cercei gets angry and says, “Why did you let them in?” The messenger is intimidated and says, “Your brother arranged it that way. I’m sorry, I-” Cercei says furiously” Are you a traitor? Want me-” Littlefinger interrupts her. “My queen, if you allow, this man did not make that decision, he just told us about it.” Cercei becomes quieter, littlefinger says, “You say your brother is on our side?” Cercei gets angry and says “Yes! This little monster has promised me. He will never betray me…” Cercei starts crying and says softly “Tyrion… and Jaime… they only left me to help…” Littlefinger says “Jaime has attacked the golden company with the Lannister soldiers. And if Tyrion wants to help you, why are your enemies, all your enemies, in the city?” Cercei gets angry again. “Tyrion already has a plan, he always has.” Littlefinger says, “Our only advantage over this great army was these city walls. Thanks to Tyrion our enemies are now within the walls…” Cercei thinks and gets sad “Just like with Myrcella, he said he would protect her and now she’s dead. He betrayed me… All betray me…” She becomes clear again and talks to the messenger. “If Tyrion gives you a plan to fight our enemies, execute him. If not, kill everyone. Now my enemies are here and I can destroy them with one strike. But let Jaime live, he is important!” Littlefinger looks at the messenger expectantly and the messenger leaves, littlefinger says a bit anxious “Dont you want to wait and see what they have to say?” The messenger stops anxiously. Cercei yells “No! All traitors must die an agonizing death, I will not believe lies any more, these white walkers can not exist at all.” The messenger goes on fast, Littlefinger looks pissed.

-The messenger walks out of the throne room down the hall. He walks around the corner where there are no soldiers. The hound stands in front of the messenger and says “Sorry, but you have a bad luck today.” The hound kills the messenger.

  • On the red keep a soldier stands on the inner castle wall. He looks anxiously into the sky. Drogon flies over this soldier and lands on a large open space in front of the red keep. The soldiers direct their giant crossbows from castle walls to Drogon. Archers are in position for Drogon. Jon and Jaime get off. Drogon growls but stays calm. Jaime screams “Stop!” The soldiers react to Jaime in surprise, the foremost soldier screams “take down the bows!” The soldier anxiously asks Jaime “What’s going on?” Then he looks anxiously at Drogon. Jon calms down Drogon and Jaime says “I have to talk to your queen.” The soldier screams, “Stay back!” Jon stops and looks confused. He asks, “What’s going on here? The White Walkers are already on their way and their army may be even bigger now than ever before. And they have a dragon. We must act!” The soldier points his bow at Jon and says, “Our queen has told us about your lies, you want to kill her and ruin the land like the mad king!” Jon slowly goes back to Drogon. Jaime angrily approaches the soldier and says, “Take down the bow! My sister has agreed to an agreement and promised to beat the army of the dead and let the war rest until then. And now take down the bow and let us getting through the queen.” The soldier becomes more and more nervous and loses his nerve when Jaime gets too close, he shoots at Jaime and shouts,” Kill them!” The situation escalates and Drogon is hit in the back by a huge crossbow arrow. Jon yells at Jaime “Run to your sister and finish this!” Jaime runs into the red keep. Jon wants to pull the arrow from Drogon’s back, but Drogon moves and the arrow falls out. Drogon roars angrily and spits fire at the giant Crossbow. He turns angrily to the other giant Crossbow and yells at the soldier behind. The soldier gets scared and runs away.

-Dany, Tyrion, Podrick, Bron, Missandei, Jorah, Sam, Lord Royce, Howland Reed, Lord Glover, Brienne of Tarth, Tormund, the armies of the North, the IUnsullied and the Dothraki, the Commander of the Golden Company and the Golden Company are led by the city guards through the Gate of the Gods. Dany and Jorah look at the city watch suspiciously. The first are behind the wall, Dany hears Drogon roar. Missandei asks Dany what’s with her, because she has not heard anything. The city watch leader approaches Dany and her companions and asks, “Who can I talk to?” Dany and the Commander of the Golden Company step forward. Dany looks expectantly at the commander. He takes another step back and says “Guess she has the command.” Dany says to the city guard “I have to talk to your queen. We have to prepare for the battle against white walkers. “The leader of the city watch looks scared and says, “So its true, I’ll guide you to the queen.” Tyrion steps forward and says, “I need something to eat. We have not eaten since we left Harrenhall.” The leader of the city watch hesitates, but then realizes something. The leader says, “Of course, my lord.” He looks at a city guard and says “You there! Bring Tyrion and his hungry men to the nearest supply depot.” The city guard says, “Yes.” Tyrion just wants to leave, then Dany says, “Why do you want to go now? We need you here if your sister falls us in the back.” Tyrion tries to talk, but Dany says” Since we were here last time, you have not said a bad word about your sister, you always defended her since the meeting with her. Before that you’ve warned me again and again about her and her sneaky plans.” Tyrion reacts scared. Dany says, “You convinced her to help us. Stay with us now and help me get this over with your sister.” Tyrion looks at the leader of the city guard for a moment, then looks thoughtfully to the floor. Howland Reed steps forward and says, “I’m leading the hungry soldiers with the city guard to the supply house. I’ll meet you in the throne room and bring you food.” Tyrion says, “Alright.” Dany tells the Leader of the City Guard “Bring the Lord to the supplies and lead us to Cercei.” The leader agrees and a member of the city guard leads Howland and his troops to the right along the wall within the city. Dany looks at Tyrion suspiciously. Jorah looks at the leader of the city guard. He looks around and sees a boy whispering something to the Commander of the Golden Company. Jorah asks him “Hey!“ Dany looks back, Brienne looks worried and grabs her sword, Tyrion is about to go to the leader, Dany tells him, “Something’s wrong here, Tyrion, I think you underestimated your sister.” Tyrion stops and turns to Dany. He agrees. He hears Drogon roar from a distance and reacts anxiously. Jorah pulls his sword and yells at the commander “What does that mean? What did he tell you?” The commander pulls his sword and roars “Our word is good as gold!” Brienne pulls her sword and faces Dany. Jorah yells “Everyone in formation!” The Golden Company soldiers pull their weapons and roar “Beneath the gold, the bitter steal!” The soldiers begin to kill all surrounding soldiers. The remaining soldiers pull their swords and a chaotic battle begins in the narrow streets and the Gate of the Gods. A war elephant outside the city walls gets nervous and runs into this mess. He storms through the Gate of the Gods against a building. The armies that are still outside the walls gather on the command of Lord Glover in a formation. The Dothraki are riding wild around the formation. Within the walls, Jorah fights against the commander of the golden company. Through the crowd in the streets the fight is interrupted. Jorah looks to Dany and the others, they are protected by Brienne, Tormund and soldiers. Tyrion is protected by Bron. He looks desperately at the members of the city watch. The leader of the city watch consults in this chaos with Lord Royce. Lord Royce shouts, “The City Watch must fall into the city!” The leader of the city watch stabbs Lord Royce in the back and screams, “Attack the traitors from the north!” The city watch gets in position against the soldiers of the North. The Northmen do not notice that in this mess. Jorah presses herself to Tyrion and asks him loud what they should do now. Tyrion says they should look for cover in buildings and wait until Jaime talk with Cercei. Dany says “No. We will not let our men to die until your sister has decided to be merciful. That’s what they planned! “Tyrion says he doubts that, Dany says they need to find a big place where Drogon can help without hurting their own soldiers. Sam suggests the spot where the Sept of Baelor used to be. His own soldiers continue to push back and Dany and her people are also pushed back by it. Ghost goes through and Sam tries to hold him back because he wants to attack his own men. Sam and Ghost are here in a narrow street. Jorah is separated from Dany and her group, he sees the Gate of the Gods, there’s room to come in. He calls to Dany “I support the Unsullied.” Dany hears it and sees Jorah as he does to fight through the Gate of the Gods.

-Jaime storms into the throne room and talks aloud with Cercei “You have to stop this right now! Your soldiers are attacking Jon and our last dragon, please!” Cercei asks “Ours?” Jaime answers quickly, „yes ours. And if you do nothing, our allies will soon have nothing left to protect us from the white walkers! “Cercei says they do not need these traitors and their dragons, Jaime yells at her,” What are you trying to acomplish with this? The enemy is approaching and so far he has destroyed everything that was in his way. In all possible hells!… They have an undead dragon.” Cercei growls and gets angry, she starts to cry and says, “If the enemy is really unstoppable, why try to defeat him?” Jaime takes a few steps towards Cercei says “We still have a chance. Together we can win, but not when our best weapons are killed in front of the castle. Please Cercei.” Cercei cries and says softly “You do not care, do you?” Jaime looks puzzled, Cercei says, “It’s dead, you know, our child died again…” Jaime reacts in shock and looks around her belly. He says, “This is cruel … But if we dont do anything now, we will all die.” Cercei says softly “It all become reality… All my children are dead!” She screams, “This regal slut Witch also told me that the Targaryen bitch will get me off the throne!” Jaime says worriedly “Cercei, please forget this damn prophecy in your life once. You can decide your own life and you decide that the dead will kill us all!” Cercei reflects and says to a soldier “You there. Tell the soldiers to do whatever they can to protect their queen. Any threat can be anihillated.” Jaime just starts roaring “Damned, sister-” the mountain pulls his sword and Jaime falls silent, Cercei says “Enough! Jaime is my brother. We can trust him.” Jaime gets desperate.

-Bron and Tormund fight with some soldiers the way in an alley and make some space. Behind them are Tyrion, Dany and Missandei. At the back, Brienne and Podrick fight against some of the pursuers. Brienne kills most and Tormund is happy about that. Archers attack the soldiers from the city wall. Tyrion notices this and tells Dany that soldiers have to go up there and cause she has the only soldiers they hear here, they’re supposed to be on the city wall. Brienne agrees and separates with Tormund from the group. Dany, Misandei, Tyrion, Bron and their soldiers walk down an alley to the main square where once was the sept of Baelor. There, they stand in the middle of the square and form themselves around Dany and Tyrion. Tyrion says this is a dangerously open location and archers could kill them all. Dany says she trusts Drogon. He will come and save her.

-Drogon spits fire across the square in front of the Red Keep. Jon kills a city guard and the rest of them flee in fear. Jon yells at Drogon, “I do not know if you can understand me, but I trust Jaime to settle everything, until then we’ll have to protect your mother!” Jon is running down to the city. Drogon rises in the air and flies over the city. Jon takes the big street right through the city and sees the chaos at the Gate of the Gods from afar. Jon watches as Drogon flies ahead and is then attacked by giant crossbows. No arrow hits. Drogon flies to the northern city wall and spits fire on the giant crossbows on the wall.

-Outside the Gate of the Gods, the Dothraki attack the golden company inside the Gate of the Gods. Some war elephants break through Lord Glover’s formation and the combined army is split into small troops. Lord Glover is upset about the elephants and that they are worse than dragons. The Dothraki are shot down by the archers on the rooftops. Jorah comes running through the Gate of the Gods and fights to some scattered Dothraki. They give him a horse and together they ride to Lord Glover. He and his soldiers fight with their scattered soldiers the soldiers of the golden company. War elephants trample again and again through the battlefield and a hail of arrows raining from above. Then Jorah realizes that the war elephants can not distinguish friend and foe at all. Jorah orders everyone to seek cover from the arrows behind the war elephants. They should change the direction of the elephants so that they ram each other. The Dothraki ride alongside the elephants and steer them against other war elephants, golden Company soldiers or against the city wall. The golden company flees into the city and tries to lock the gate behind it. The troops of Lord Glover and Jorah fight in the gate. The golden company does not manage to close the gate and a bloody crowd begins inside the gate.

At Kings Landing harbor, Euron stands on his ship and hears the screaming men from the battle. Euron rejoices and shouts to his men “Hear how our enemies are slaughtered. If soldiers want to flee, we’ll kill them!” His men raise their swords, the men on the other ships yell for Euron, an ironman roars “From the northeast!” Euron looks in that direction and sees a fleet of ships. He says angrily “Yara!” Then he rejoices and roars “My niece comes to avenge her dead cockless brother!” He laughs and everyone prepares the ships. An ironman looks afraid to the north. In the distance, a blizzard slowly approaches. The ironman anxiously warns his allies. Yara notices the blizzard and shouts to her men, “We have to end this, otherwise we’ll all be dead tomorrow.” Yara is on the front of the fleet on her ship and sailing towards Euron’s fleet. She tells the man at the wheel to ram right into Euron’s ship. She roars “We have to clear the way so that we can destroy the white walkers. We will win with our dragonglas! “Yara’s ship approaches Eurons, another Euron ship drives in front of Eurons and intercepts Yara’s ship, Yara’s ship rams in. Yara falls, gets up again and roars “Lets go kill them!” She jumps with her men on the rammed ship and fight against Eurons men. Euron is happy about the chaos. From afar you can see the ships fight with catapults and their projectiles. Many ships crash into each other. Then there is a small ship sailing to the harbor. Davos sees that and tells his men, “This is a ship from Essos. In the middle of a battle?” Davos realizes something and yells to Yara “I have to go into the city! I take some men with me!” Yara kills a man on the ground and agrees to Davos. Davos fights his way freetwith Yara’s help. Ships sink, burn and collapse. Euron wants to stop Davos ship, but Yara occupies Euron’s ship. Davos moored at the harbor, gets off the ship and runs with his men to the gate of the city walls. A soldier asks Davos why they have to leave the battle. Davos answers “This ship is not here without reason. It’s from Volantis, but if it comes during a battle, it does not mean anything good.” The soldier asks Davos what’s so bad about Volantis. Davos says” Not Volantis, the woman who comes from there! She is the only one who would come here during a battle would.” Davos walks through the streets with his soldiers and see a woman in a red robe, some city guards follow her. The city guard call Melisandre and catch her. They grab her and try to get her robe off. Melisandre warns them about it but they laugh at her. The city guard turns Melisandre over and grabs her against the wall. He pulls her robe up and talks into her ear “Now I finally get my reward” He hears a scream behind and leaves Melisandre. Davos pulls his sword out of the city guard. One of his men kills the last of the city watch. Davos recognizes Melisandre and says, “Too bad, a little later and this reunion would have given me pleasure. What are you doing here? ” Melisandre talks wistfully to him “I do not blame you onion knight, I made mistakes, but-” Davoos interrupts her loudly. “We’re at a bloody War in case you haven’t noticed. Tell me what you want here. Now!” Melisandre replies quickly, “The spider whispered to me. He knows of a traitor in your ranks, I think Jon Snow is in danger, I still believe the King of the North is important.” Davos says, “Aegon, his name is probably Aegon Targaryen, I do not believe in your Lords visions, but as long as I think he’s somehow chosen, how else could a bastard become the chosen king in the north and even the rightful king of Westeros?” Melisandre asks Davos “Where is the Chosen One?” Davos looks at her worriedly.

-At the place where the Sept of Baelor used to be. More and more soldiers are surrounding Dany, Missandei, Tyrion, Podrick, Bron and their soldiers. Tyrion yells at Dany “Damn it, your dragon will not come!” A war elephant storms uncontrollably through an alley. He tramples down soldiers of the golden company and runs into the big area. Dany and her companions flee and run in the direction of the Red Keep. They flee through the streets, here Missandei gets lost in the turmoil. Dany and the others walk to the Muddy Way, a large open area. They run on the Muddy Way and the war elephant storms out of an alley. Howland Reed and his men ride on horses across the Muddy Way and charge the elephant in his side. They stab him in the feet. Dany and her companions can escape. Howland Reed turns around the elephant into another direction, but dies. Tyrion gets desperate, Dany says “Finally!” Drogon flies over the War Elephant and spits fire on him. He burns, flees in panic and runs into an alley, breaking through the formation of his own troops. Then he breaks through the wall in Littlefinger’s brothel and breaks through the floor with his tramp. The fire reaches some barrels in the underground and the wildfire explodes inside. A huge fire blast bursts from littlefingers brothel.

-Brienne and Tormunt fight with the allies and lead everyone to go to the city wall to help the soldiers who are outside. They get on the wall with the soldiers and kill the enemy archers. On the city wall, Tormund looks anxiously to the north. He sees the blizzard approaching. Brienne notice it and says to Tormund in panic “It’s too late. They come…” Tormund roars “We have to warn the others.” Brienne says “That will not help. We can only do one thing now… We stop them and give King Aegon time.” Tormund calls out to his allies “Hey you dicks. I dont care which king or queen you are fighting for. The real enemy is coming and if we continue to slaughter each other, then we are all dead.” Brienne looks at Tormund with fear and surprise. The soldiers who have heard Tormund listen to him and get on the city wall. They see the coming blizzard and see some white walkers, who seemingly lead the blizzard. The soldiers are shocked.

-Sam and Ghost run from the enemy soldiers, they get surrounded by the city watch, but then gets rescued by his own men. Sam says that the soldiers should stay with him. He remembers the wildfire and decides to use the soldiers to find this weapon and use it against the enemy. They find a way into the underground and Sam says that they have to go under the Gate of the Gods. Ghost walks in that direction. Sam and the soldiers follow him. They come quickly into a long room full of barrels. Sam says that it has to be inflamed, a soldier logs in to place a torch. Sam, Ghost and the soldiers are running upstairs again. The soldier puts the torch in the barrel rack. He suddenly opens a lower barrel. A drop gets on the torch, it lights up and the fire reaches a barrel. It explodes inside the undeground way. In front of the Gate of the Gods, the golden company is formed and tries to keep the armies outside. Some soldiers of the golden company see the approaching blizzard in the distance and react anxiously. They hear a bang and the ground explodes under the big space in front of the gate. And most of the soldiers of the golden company are dying. Lord Glover, Jorah and their troops can break thanks to the help of the soldiers on the city wall and the explosion through the gate. They all form within the city. Brienne yells at Lord Glover and lets him know about the blizzard. Lord Glover remains with several hundred soldiers at the city walls to secure them against the coming army of the dead. Jorah goes with the rest of the troops into the city.

-Jon runs with drawn sword through the big road that runs through the city. He fights his way through the city and helps some allied soldiers in the fight with the city watch. With them he seeks his allies. In the street he meets the allied armies that came into the city and formed on the big road that leads through the city.

Davos walks with his men and Melisandre to the Muddy Way. They see Missandei. She flees in front of some soldiers. One of them shoots at Missandei with an arrow and hits her arm. Davos charges to her with his men and kill their pursuers. Melisandre supplies Missandei. Davos says, “These explosions are everywhere, where are we going?” Missandei tells him where Dany is. Davos sees Drogon fly in that direction and says, “There must be someone important when the dragon is there.”

-Dany and her companions get on horses and ride to the big street in the city. They meet Davos and Melisandre. Dany is worried about Missandei. Missandei says that she will be fine and even if not, Dany would get over her death, because she will be to busy with her child Then she smiles at Dany and Dany is happy. She says, “You will be fine, I need you.”

-Jon meets Ghost and Sam with their soldiers. They form against the direction of the Gate of the Gods. Sam says that the allied troops are through the gate, but the golden company has just scattered there. Jon and Sam hear the ice dragon roar. They are shocked. Jon says, “Then they will gather there again.” -Dany and her companions meet Jon on the main road. They form in the center of the city against the north. Drogon lands on the rooftops. Jorah and his troops also arrive and gets in position with their allies

-At Kings Landing harbor: Ships are burning on the water and the clouds of smoke obscure the view of the action. Yara fights with her men against some of Euron’s men. Yara kills her enemies and jumps on Euron’s ship. Euron’s men fight against her, but she dodges and runs towards Euron. They begin to fight and after a long fight Yara wins. Euron is still alive and Yara holds his blade to his throat. She calls Euron’s men, “This is all pointless! The real enemy is coming and there is enough chaos in the city. If we start to choose a new king of the Iron Islands now, we would be wiped out by the enemy. I pay the iron price!” She wants to kill Euron, as he struggles and breaks free. He gets up again and wants to charge on Yara. One of his men beats him down and shouts “For our Queen!” Another man hits Euron with his ax and yells “For Yara!” Euron bleeds and everyone yells “For Yara!” She roars “Finish this and follow me into the town!”

In the Throneroom: Cercei sits on the iron throne. Littlefinger asks Cercei why she hears nothing more about the battle. He persuades Cercei to order some soldiers outside, to help and to report as soon as possible. Littlefinger says he will follow him and will report personally. Some soldiers leave the room and littlefinger follow them. He looks at Jaime and smiles. Jaime gets a little angry and follows them too. The door of the hall closes and Jaime shouts at the soldiers “You all cant be serious, do you really want to support this madness?” The soldiers look at Jaime without saying anything. Jaime says desperately, “That would be your end, that might be the end of everything!” Jaime sees the hound going to the soldiers and he kills every soldier. Jaime wants to help the soldiers, but littlefinger holds him from behind. The hound kills everyone. Jaime frees himself, but littlefinger and the hound arise. Jaime asks why he does that. The hound says, “You have no idea who you’re talking.” Jaime looks questioningly at Littlefinger. Littlefinger says “I want to make you an offer” Jaime looks surprised. Littlefinger says “Without you it is not possible.”

-Jon, Dany, Sam, Davos, Jorah and all their companions and troops are in formation. Jon tells Dany to go to Cercei with Tyrion and some men. Jon knows from his own experience that at the Red Keep is hardly a soldier anymore. Jon says he knows how he wins this. Dany, Tyrion, Bron and some soldiers ride to the Red Keep. Jon sees the rest of the golden company with the rest of the city watch in formation going to Jon and his allys. Everyone is looking forward to the enemys armie and are obviously nervous. Jon rides slowly as the enemies are close to his hearing, he exclaims, “I want to speak to the Commander of the Golden Company.” The enemies stop and the commander steps forward. Drogon roars at the enemies and the enemy soldiers are intimidated. Jon says, “None of our men have to die any more, we’ve already lost enough, and being so loyal to Gold for Cercei is dangerous for everyone.” The commander looks at Jon aggressively and says, “You want a man-to-man fight?” He looks at Drogon, laughs and asks, “And if I lose? Our reputation would be destroyed. Our word would be taken as seriously as opposed to the Westerosi.” Jon says, “I am a man who always keeps his word. Everyone you ask will agree. And you can believe me when I tell you that Cercei Lannister is being disempowered by several of my allies.” The commander looks at Jon aggressively, looks around and agrees. He shouts out loud, “If I win, you’ll kneel to Cercei Lannister,, even if you’ve already caught her.” Jon shouts, “But if I win, all men of the City watch and the Golden Company will surrender.” The commander says “Agreed!” An exciting fight between Jon and the Commander begins as the Ice Dragon roars again. Drogon responds. Jon is just about to win. Jon does not want to kill the commander, but he says, “Do it! If I do not die, you will not win.” Jon says “Yes, I know.” Then he kills him and wins the fight. The golden company emerges. Jon sees Drogon who looks tense. Jon calls out to him, “Stop him, but do not die!” Drogon flies to heaven. Jorah tells Jon about the coming enemy in the north and that Lord Glover is guarding the city walls. Jon sends Edmure Tully and the Blackfish with the Unsullied, the remaining Dothraki, the city watch and the golden company to the Gate of the Gods. Jon proclaims loudly, “The wars of men are over, there will be no more battles among men on Westeros, but the true enemy will come, we must rest the past and fight the true enemy together.“

-The snowstorm reaches the city walls and the Wights run against it. Lord Glover orders everything they have to shoot on the dead. Drogon flies over them and burns hundreds of enemies. Tormund is looking for something in the sky in panic and says to Brienne “These walls will bring nothing if the filthy King of the Dead brings his dragon. That Beast was going through the wall like my shit through snow.” But the ice dragon does not appear. Brienne asks in surprise, “If he has such a powerful weapon, why is he waiting?”

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In the Throneroom: Jaime goes to the throne room and turns to the left next to Cercei. She sits on the iron throne and learns through a messenger of imminent defeat. Cercei does not accept that and yells, “Kill the liar, he’s a traitor!” The soldiers do not do it. The mountain pulls his sword and kills the messenger. The other soldiers are afraid of the mountain. The mountain turns back next to Cercei. Jaime is on the other side. She cries in rage, “You’re cowards! Where’s the littlefinger? I dare you, stay back one more time and you all will burn!” The hound comes with drawn sword in the throneroom and shouts “The war is over you bitch.” The other soldiers pull their swords. The hound slows down and says, “Do you really want to fight me, we have a dragon and you … you havent had enough to win this battle!” The soldiers look around and are stepping back. Cercei yells at the mountain “Kill him! Kill all of them! I command it!” The mountain pulls his sword and goes down the steps slowly. At each step, the soldiers go back further in fear. The hound yells “Is that what you want?” “Cercei yells” I want you to die! ” The hound attacks the mountain and the fight begins. Hound gets injured. Cercei is happy and yells for the mountain loudly. Jaime gets angry and grabs his sword firmly with his left hand. A barrel of wildfire is opened and ignited by the hound itself to kill the mountain. The mountain catches fire but feels no pain and continues to fight. Cercei is excited about the fight and yells “Finish him! Kill your brother for your queen!” Cercei gets quiet and talks to Jaime “This is a loyal soldier, he does not hesitate to kill his family when I commands it, but you never could. You do not even have enough hands to protect me properly.” The mountain fights weak until the hound hits him to the ground. His head is over the burning wildfire. The hound strikes his neck repeatedly with his sword. He hits the neck of the mountain over and over, until his head falls off into the fire. The hound collapses on a pillar and Cercei is shocked. She yells, “Kill him, he’s hurt!” No one obeys their orders. Cercei says to Jaime “Kill him … even with your golden hand you could-” Cercei sees Jaime’s right hand. It is not a hand of gold, it is a healthy hand. Cercei starts to scare and looks him in the face. Jaime looks angry and looks at Cercei. She is afraid of him. Jaime says, “I should have done that a long time ago.” Jaime chokes Cercei, but she jumps over the iron tron and cuts herself by doing so. She gets up and her cuts bleed. Jaime walks past the iron throne and pulls his sword Widow’s Wail. Cercei tries to escape, but Jaime stabs his sword in her back. He pulls it out again and she falls to the ground. She falls onto the steps and turns on her back. Jaime drops his sword besides Cercei. She asks softly, “Why, why you?” Jaime looks at her and pulls his face away like a cloth. Arya looks at Cercei.

-Edmure Tully, the Blackfish and their troops arrive at the Gate of the Gods and climb the city walls. Drogon burns more Wights. A white walker takes an ice spear from his dead horse. Brienne notices that, Drogon flies over this white walker and spits fire over him and the surrounding Wights. The white walker remains untouched by the fire and throws his ice spear into the sky. Drogon dodges and flies back to the city. Edmure Tully sees the army of the dead divided into 2 armies. Both armies walk along the city walls. Edmure Tully is happy, but Blackfish says, “They are not fleeing. They try to surround us.”

-Before the Red Keep: Jon and his companions have their soldiers gather in front of the Red Keep. Jon looks back more often to get a glimpse of the attack of the army of the dead. Melisandre looks at Davoos and asks him anxiously, “Is now the time for my business?” Davos says yes and Melisandre says “I got a letter from Lord Varis saying ice and fire are together and I have to make sure they stay together.” Davos says, “Jon is safe, he’s the son of Rhaegar Tagaryen and Lyanna Stark, guess that’s what you can see as ice and fire, funny that your visions were showing only salt and smoke and fire before, and now there’s a new prophecy and by what chance does this exactly suit Jon? ” Melisandre gets angry and says, “The ice and fire was not a vision but my words, Varis did not mean Jon, but Jon and Danaerys.” Davos looks around and asks, “Where is the mother of dragons?”

-Daenerys enters the Red Keep with Tyrion, Bron and some soldiers. Tyrion asks Bron “Bron tell me, what exactly did my brother promise you again?” Bron answers “a bigger castle and a prettier bride. I already told you that” Tyrion says “Right… Maybe I can not promise you that, but maybe a grateful prisoner.” Bron looks puzzled and says, “I dont quite understand.” Tyrion says, “Hadnt my sister captured the Martells? We’ll need her in the fight against a dead dragon, she must know exactly how the Dornish fought against Aegon the Conqueror and his 3 Dragon. Dorne was the only kingdom that could hold their men alive by fighting against them.” Bron understands and asks, “Where exactly are the cells?” Tyrion tells Bron where he needs to go and takes some men with him.

-Davos goes to Jon. He tells him that Dany is in danger. Jon says that she went with Tyrion and some guards to the Red Keep to put Cercei down. Melisandre tells Jon about Vari’s message and Jon says, “If I think so about it … I have not seen Varis for days, the last time i saw him was at the first confrontation with the Golden Company.” Davos says, “Didnt Tyrion made sure they back up back then? What exactly did he promise you for the truce?” Jon says, “He said he made them aware of the danger of the White Walkers, and now they’ve betrayed us … Except for Bron, nobody knows exactly what Tyrion promised back then.” Davos asks, “And where is this Bron?” Jon says “With Dany in the red keep.” Jon orders loudly that everyone should gather in front of the gate of the red keep. Drogon lands near Jon and he gets on Drogon and flies to the Red Keep. His allies are also running to the Red Keep.

-Dany and Tyrion are now on their way to the throne room with 8 guards. Dany asks Tyrion “And why is half of our men gone, how are we going to capture Cercei with 8 men?” Tyrion says, “You sure want to talk to her first before you judge, right?” Dany says angrily “Speaking to her? On her command, our men were slaughtered, and right now, she must be captured immediately!” Tyrion looks down and goes down the hall with her. They go in front of a bigger gate. Tyrion says to the soldiers “check the hall!” Dany asks, “Since when do I not give any more commands here?” Tyrion says “I know this city better and just want to save time, I can imagine how you would decide.” He smiles at her and the soldiers enter the room. Tyrion goes back a bit and Dany asks Tyrion “You do not really know me long, right Lord Tyrion?” Tyrion looks at her. She says, “How is it that you can anticipate my decisions in such a short time, but not your sister’s deeds?” Tyrion looks a bit angry. Dany says, “The golden company did not give up without reason when we fled from the gods eye, before they surrendered, you talked to them, right?” Tyrion takes a step back. Dany says angrily, “When they attacked us, you tried to talk alone with the city watch, right?“ Tyrion looks at her angrily and says, “You may have been right with me all the time, I wanted to help you, really …” Tyrion grows sad. Dany says angrily, “You can not betray your family, right? I thought you killed your parents, why not your sister?” Tyrion answers “I thought she was lost, but then I noticed something, she is or was pregnant, her child should have been born by now, and when I found out, I saw a chance.” Dany says angrily “A chance to replace me?” Tyrion says, “To find a queen to talk to, I could never influence your decisions.” Tyrion gets angry “You are a stubborn child who got everything she ever wanted, be it destiny or luck, but it made you a woman who kills anyone who does not kneel to you.” Dany says aloud, “And Cercei is better?” Tyrion yells, “You have seen her after the death of her children, but when she had her children, she was happy. I could always talk to her in the war of the five kings.” Dany says, “As soon as your sister is taken, we’ll take care of you. What would you recommend as my hand, what should I do?” Tyrion laughs and says sadly “Have you looked around, there is no protection here, we are alone, you have an unborn child and I have that.” He draws a dagger and says, “I would have liked to avoid that, but you have just admitted that you will shut down my sister after this battle. I wish it was done with your dead, but you must had marry the King in the North.” Dany looks around and understands the situation. She walks a few steps to the gate and says desperately, “My men are behind this gate. A scream and you’re dead. And even if you catch me. Jon will never forgive the Lannisters for the murder of his wife and unborn child.” Tyrion walks up to her and says, “Do it! It was all planned from the beginning with Cercei. Your soldiers are already dead. And in this mess no one will notice that I killed you. Your husband is in the middle of a battle right now. He will not help you.” Dany holds her stomach, begins to drop tears and says” And why do you want to do it? Why not your men? “Tyrion goes to her in tears, looks at her stomach and says desperatly, “Which soldier would kill an unborn child? What kind of man does that? “Dany slowly goes back, Tyrion says, “Please believe me when I tell you I’m sorry.” He runs at Dany, she turns around, screams for help and tries to run away. Tyrion holds her dress and stab her in the back. She knocks Tyrion away and collapses.Tyrion gets up and says, “Now it will go fast, I promise.” He cries and walks towards her. Dany is bleeding from her back and crying. She hears many steps and Tyrion freeze in fear. Jon runs around the corner with some men behind him and they charges toward Tyrion. Tyrion takes a few steps back and drops his dagger. Jon looks anxiously at Dany and yells at his men “Take him!” He holds Dany and says, “You will be fine. I’ve already survived worse.” He smiles at her and squeezes the wound with his coat. Davos arrives with Sam. Sam goes to Jon and says, “I can help her.” He takes care of her and Melisandre and Missandei come and crowd through the soldiers in the corridor. Missandei sits down to Dany and holds her hand. Jon gets up and walks to Tyrion. He shakes with fear and says “Forgive me, I just wanted my family-” Jon interrupts him “You betrayed your queen, you tried to kill my wife and child.” Tyrion says cautiously “Please your Grace. I-” Jon says “Open the gate. I dont want to announce my judgment in this hallway.” The soldiers open the big gate and some City Watch soldiers gets in formation in front of them. The 8 soldiers of Dany are dead on the ground. Jon goes angrily and yells “Do you really want to die? Who’s the first?” The City Watch surrender. Jon leads the way and Tyrion is pulled into the hall by two men. He is desperate and says,”Your Grace I know how that-” Jon draws his sword and says “Tyrion from the house of Lannister, you have committed treason and almost a murder of the rightful queen, my wife. For that i-” Tyrion roars “That’s not fair. No one of you was here and if no one here believes me, I call for a trial by combat!” Jon says angrily, “No one here would fight for you. And your sister’s men surrender or are captured. And Bron is a traitor, just like you and will die for it.” Tyrion says angrily. “No, Bron did not know anything about it. He is not a traitor. Keep him out of that!” Jon waits a moment and then says, “We’ll decide about Bron later, but he will not fight for you.” Tyrion says, “I dont want to see Bron die. Only your soldier. For me, the Night King will fight.” Jon looks at him angrily, “Is this a joke?” Tyrion says, “No. He’s almost here.” Jon says aloud, “If the Night King wins, Kings Landing is lost and we’ll all be dead.” Tyrion says, “That’s why you’re sending me to Dorne. If you’re still alive after my Trial by Combat, kill me. But if you have been dead then the gods decided and I can escape to Essos.” Dany tells Davos that Tyrion wants to kill her and Jon. Davos goes into the hall and tells to Jon “No matter what the bastard says he has to die, he may have killed Varis and wanted to kill your wife off.” Tyrion desperately says, “I deserve that.” Jon looks at Tyrion and says, “You do not deserve that trial This is not your game, it’s not even my game, it’s honor and it commits me to execute you after all.” Tyrion cries and implores him “Please Jon. I’m begging you … I’m just a bastard of-” Jon yells” Enough!” He calms down “Men like you, Lord Tyrion have led to this chaos. Without these games, we would have won against the Night King before the wall could be crushed. If we win, Queen Daenerys will create a world where there is no room for this game of thrones.” Tyrion despairs more and keeps crying, saying, “You may have to do that, but that’s not the north, you can-” Jon says angrily “But I want it.” Jon holds his sword and Jorah storms through the soldiers and sees Daenerys is bleeding on the ground. Jorah pushes herself through the soldiers and goes through the gate into the hall where Jon is judging Tyrion. Jon says, “I, Jon Snow from the House Stark, King in the North and former Commander of the Nights Watch, sentences you …” Tyrion roars “That does not matter if the Night King comes.” Jon continues, “… Lord Tyrion of the house Lannister, to death, have you anything else to say?” Tyrion looks around, wants to say something, then Jorah asks “Did he did that? Did he hurt my queen?” Tyrion looks at Jorah and says, “Please Jorah, you …” Jorah says, “This is my fault. I led you to my queen.” Tyrion says wistfully “Jorah, this is not your… I was already on my way to her.” Jorah roars “keep his mouth shut, he’ll say anything to talk him out. Even if he’s as good as dead, he can do it.” Tyrion looks at Jorah and Jon in despair. Tyrion says, “You need me, I’ve been successful in this city before.” Davos says “Without your father, you would have lost everything, do you need another try?” Tyrion despairs more and begins to cry again. He wants to say something, so Jorah takes a pair of pliers and goes to Tyrion. Jon looks at Tyrion and he freezes. Jon says, “He’s been trying to kill my wife, I’m ruling in the North and I’m going to fullfill the judgement, what happens to the convict is not my thing unless he’s in the north.” Tyrion yells “No, please.” Jorah cuts his tongue out with a pair of pliers and a sword. Tyrion screams, breaks free and tries to run away. Jon knocks him down with a fist and kicks Tyrion in the arm. Tyrion can not get away. Jon says, “If you do not want to cut off your head, I’ll pierce your heart. It’s quick.” Tyrion cries and roars. Jon sticks his sword through Tyrion’s chest. He pulls his sword and Tyrion’s eyes gets frozen. His blood runs down the ground to his head. The roar of the ice dragon sounds.

Episode 6: -Tyrion is dead and his blood is slowly running around him. Cut of scenes through the blood. Cercei lies dying in her blood. Jaime comes and goes to her. He kneels in her blood and apologizes. He says “I’m sorry, but it could not be otherwise.” Arya goes to the injured hound. He says, “I thought you had to cut your victims’ face off.” Arya says “Earlier, but my teacher managed to put a face on a person withoutkilling it. It was my face.” Hound spits blood and says, “And you can do that too … Great … Why didnt you fight in my place?” Arya smiles at him. She looks at his wound and says, “You will die here.” Hound says, “I know, finish it this time, but quickly, that’s what those killers taught you.” Arya says, “No, that’s what you did.” Arya stabbs him in the chest with Needle and he dies.

Again in the hall where Jon and his allys are: Sam says a caesarean section must be done, but Dany dies in her injury. Otherwise the child dies and Dany gets saved. Dany says her child have to live. Jorah does not want to let her die and questions Sam. Sam says that Jorah himself knows how well Sam can do things that he has only read in books so far. Jorah willingly agrees to this because of pressure from Jon. Dany says goodbye to Jon and says, “Jon, make a better world. For our child. Only you can do that.” Jon says, “I will do what you would do.” He cries. Dany says, “It’s going to be okay. You can do it. I know it.” Jon looks her in the eye. He looks away and says “You know nothing. You dont know what comes after this life.” Daenerys cries and says “Your wounds. You took a knife in the heart for your people. You died, don’t you?” Jon says “Yes. But i came back to life.” Daenerys says, “All this, it makes no sense, but you … you’re here for a reason. Use your life and-“She’s in pain because of the baby’s birth. Sam panickes “Jon, I’m sorry, but it has to happen now.” Dany screams. Jon says, “It’s getting worse, right?” Sam starts to say, “It’s going to be unbearable.” Jon says, “This is not how my wife will die.” Dany yells, “Jon, I decided.” Jon says, “Our Child will live, but you will not die under this pain. Please let me put an end to your suffering.” Dany cries and says “Please, I- I cant.” Jon takes his sword. Jorah looks angry and Sam watches. Jon gets up and stands next to her. Jon holds his sword over Dany’s chest. Suddenly she falls silent, her eyes turn white and she says something in Valyrian. Jon is confused. Melisandre hears the few words in valyric and reacts shocked. Misandei is confused. Dany stops talking and looks at Jon with normal eyes again. She says, “I love you.” Jon tears his sword through her chest with tears in his eyes. She dies quickly. Jon slowly pulls his sword out and slowly walks away from her. Sam cuts her stomach, opens it and gently feels her stomach. Jon slowly walks away from Sam, dropping his bloody sword. Davos asks Missandei what Daenerys said exactly. Missandei says, “I’m not sure. It doesnt really make any sense.” Davos says, “What exactly is the translation?” She replies, “She said take my life for his. He is the true prince who was promised. What does that mean?” Davos looks at Melisandre. She is still shocked and looks at Dany’s body. Davos asks her “Does that mean…? I mean, could you imagine…?” Melisandre answers „I dont know. That can not be, I mean …” Melisandre seems to understand something and says absently “The fire. She… She was…” Davos looks at Dany’s body in shock. Then he sees Jon. He has fallen into mourning and seems absent. In the hall, a baby screams. Sam gets Danys baby out of her stomach. Misandei gives her coat so Sam can wrap the baby. Jon turns around and sees the baby. Sam says, “Jon, it’s a boy.” Jon is still depressed. He looks at his son and says, “Thank you, Sam. I …” Jon slowly approaches Sam and says,” Please take care of him. I have to prepare a battle.” He passes Sam. Sam is puzzled and asks Jon, “Dont you even want to give him a name?” Jon says, “What’s the point?” Sam says, “Well, a name-” Jon roars “If the Night King could see us now. He would be happy. We all kill each other here because we are afraid to lose our power once we have won the great war. But that’s why we lose him. If we fail here, a name does not matter. Then everything does not matter.” Sam says “You can not give up. You never gave up. Even if you die, you come back to finish your task. It was never about power, just about the good of your people. If you can not even give your son a name, how should your people believe in you. Believe in your victory?” Jon looks thoughtful and says, “You… you’re right… his name is… Eddard. Eddard Targaryen.” Bran stands next to the body of Tyrion. He sees the body of Dany. Arya walks into the hall and sees the bodies. She shows her compassion to Jon and says, “Cercei is dead.” Bran sees Jon. He sees the bodies again and says, “It never stops, does it? No matter what happens, human nature has not changed even after thousands of years. Now I finally understand it. You do not want to hurt people, you want to save them.”

-Bron frees Elayria Sand, putting his cloak over her daughter’s decayed corpse and going with her to Jon and the others.

-Jaime comes into the hall. Jaime starts quarreling with Jon over the death of Tyrion. Jon just wants to explain it, then Bron comes with Elyria and asks why the hell all kill each other when the real enemy is around the corner. Jaime and Jon gets this and start talking about a battle plan. Elayria says that only helps to hide against dragons and when the dragon is gone the enemy soldiers can be killed on the ground. That worked according to Sam also at that time at Aegon Targaryen lived. Sam says that there is enough swildfire under the city to blow up the entire city and use it as a weapon. Davos agrees with this on this because of his own experience. Jaime says, “This is way too dangerous. If anything goes wrong, it could burn the whole city, the last fortress of Westeros.” Sam says “Well, it worked just fine today.” Bron says “And even if just a couple of barrels are all in Fire, it will burn our corpses at least.” Jaime looks at Bron horrified. Bron says “What? If they burn, they can not be resurrected. That’s what the king in the north said. At least i heard so.” Jon looks at Bron thoughtfully. Yara comes in and says that they brought all the dragonglass they could find on Dragonstone. Their soldiers put the big bags on the ground. A soldier opens a bag and shows the dragonglass in it. Yara says she can also make rain fireballs with her ships and the catapults. Jon says it’s safest inside the walls and it’s a risk to open the gates to get to the ships. Davos says the gates may still be safe, but Tyrion told about hidden trails in the city’s underground that are accessible from outside the city walls. Arya says she will take care of it. Jon is against it, but Bron and Jorah join her. Jon says the walls will not last long if not even The wall couldnt stopped them. Jon says, “Find all the wildfire you can find and use it against the enemy. But I dont force any soldiers to face this danger. You only take volunteers with you.” Jaime says “Understood. Bron you take the brave men and do it. You know the barrels already.” Bron says “Actually I wanted to play the hero and protect the strong girl, but sure. Now this is what makes me a hero.” Jon says, “If they come inside the town, maybe that’s all we have. Arya and her companions will take care of the entrances to the underground. Jaime, Jorah and the new Commander of the Golden Company will lead the defense of the Mud Gate.” Jaime looks at Jon in surprise and asks “The new commander?” Jon says “Only the golden company itself knows how to use their troops best. One of them should lead them.” Jaime agrees to him again. Jon says, “Those who can not fight stay here.” He looks at Missandei. She agrees. Jon says, “Always pull back in bad situations. I’d rather have cowards in my army than dead ones in the enemy’s.” Everyone runs out of the hall to go to their positions. Jon waits with Sam and tells him “Please take care of my son.” Sam says he will do it and Jon runs out of the hall.

-Jaime calls Bron and tells him how to get inside the underground. Bron asks what he wants to do. Jaime replies “This may be my last chance to hold an oath.” He sees Arya and runs after her. Arya looks back to the red keep and sees a bit of Drogon.

-Jon runs to Drogon and wants to ride him. But Drogon growls and yells at Jon. Jon realizes that Drogon has somehow learned of Daenerys death. Jon wants to get on Drogon, but he does not let him. Jon gets angry and yells “Do you think I wanted to do that? I’ve saved her from her suffering, understand that.” Drogon yells at Jon again. Jon gets desperate. The roar of the ice dragon sounds.

-Brienne and Tormund are on the city wall and notice that the army of the dead is no longer moving. They are all frozen. Brienne and Tormund are still scared. The ice dragon is flying from north to the city. The Night King flies slowly over the city on his ice dragon. He sees the soldiers moving straight to the city wall. Then he sees the Red Keep, there are Jon and Drogon. Jon lets go of Drogon and looks scared to the sky. The ice dragon lands slowly near Drogon. Jon’s soldiers are already too far away. Some want to run back immediately, but Jaime roars “Wait! He makes contact. Our dragon is calm too. The King of the North already did that. We’ll take care of the rest.” Arya agrees loudly, and so does the soldiers. Jon pulls his sword and looks forward to Drogon. The Night King walks slowly to Jon. Jon is ready to fight, then suddenly he looks surprised. Jon sees Bran. Bran says, “Dont worry, Aegon. I just want to talk.” Jon says in panic “You? Or do you only translate something again? Last time you put us all in danger for a tree.” Bran answers “I did not understand it yet. I believed all along that the children of the forest created the Night King to destroy humanity. I thought he was a victim of a war. A weapon out of control.” Jon says, “What would it change? Whatever reason this thing has. There is no excuse for his actions.” Jon roars “Millions have died because of the Night King.” The Night King passes Jon and Drogon slowly. Jon keeps his sword always pointing at him. The Ice Dragon goes to the Red Keep and breaks through the wall with his fire and his head. The room where Sam and Missandei are just going out, to get further inside, can be seen. Some remaining soldiers are still in the room, positioning themselves against the Night King. Jon asks the Night King, “What do you want from us? Why do you want to kill us all?” Bran says something, but Jon interrupts him immediately. Jon yells “Enough with these tricks. I want to talk to the true night king. Bran says, “You do. I understand him and can give you every answer he would give you.” The Night King sees the bodies of Tyrion and Daenerys. The soldiers threaten him and charges towards him. The Night King’s eyes seem to freeze and get brighter. The soldiers seem to stop and freeze. There eyes are white. Jon sees that and asks, “What’s the point? What’s he doing?” Bran says, “Jon, stay calm. Just watch.” The soldiers take their weapons and either kill themselves or each other. Jon yells “No” and attacks the Night King. The Night King repulses Jon and pushes him back. Jon is still standing and asks, “What’s this about? Tell me Bran. How can we stop that? “Bran says,”This power is unstoppable. Nobody can stop that.” Jon says, “If you can not tell me how to save everyone, why are you here?” Bran says, “I can help you understand it. Look at it. The dead.” Jon sees the bodies of Daenerys and Tyrion. Bran says “Tell me Aegon, how many people have died in the wars of men. And how many had to suffer even decades after that? “Jon gets angry, looks at the Night King and says” That would never have happened if you had never appeared.” Jon notices that Daenerys corpse moves. Jon says softly “No … please …” Daenerys gets up. She has blue glowing eyes. Jon looks sad and says, “Why? Why she?” Bran says,”Without the Night King you would never have met her. Without the Night King, there would have been no prophecy from the prince who was promised. You would never have been brought back by a red priestess.” Jon yells, “So what? I would have gladely gave my life for the sake of others.” Bran says “And what is a life worth when it is full of suffering? You can understand that best, Aegon.” Jon says, “Why should I be able to understand that? I would not kill anyone just to save that person from suffering.” Bran looks at Daenerys and says, “But you have. You knew that she would suffer in her last moments, so you have saved her. You killed the woman you loved.” Jon says, “That’s different.” Bran says, “No it’s not. You knew about her suffering so you saved her. I can see everything and the Night King showed it to me. The suffering that people cause again and again. We save it from that. The eternal cycle of war will end today.” Jon keeps looking at Daenerys and says, “We? Now you’re helping him too?” Bran says, “He’s helping me. He showed me so much. Did you know what Sansa had to go through before she met you again? He has freed her from this suffering. And we will also free you.” Jon wants to say something, but Bran interrupts him and says, “You can not stop it. Even if you destroy him… There are millions more… Prophecies dont help.” Jon looks at his sword. Bran says, “You should be the promised prince. But the truth is that the born-again Azor Ahai will never come back. He can not be born again because he never died.” Bran looks at the Night King and Jon realizes that the Night King is Azor Ahai. Jon says “He’s the hero who ended the long night back then? He triggered it?” Bran says, “There is much that you do not understand. You just have to understand that everything here is unavoidable. The people are damned. They will kill each other eternally.” Jon looks resolutely to the Night King and says, “Not when I rule. I have the name and the blood. With this you can achieve a lot in this world. And I can bring peace.” Daenery’s blue eyes go dark again and her body falls to the ground. Jon holds his sword tighter and says, “But first I’ll kill you.” Jon attacks the Night King, but he avoids perfect. Bran says, “Do not bother. He was also a warg. And over the thousands of years, he has learned more than me. He sees more than me.” Jon goes into battle position, but the Night King leaves. Bran says, “He wants to end people’s suffering. He grants you this last battle. And you may lead them as there rightful king. You do not have to die without hope.” The Night King rises again on the ice dragon and they fly into the air. Jon looks at Bran. Bran disappears.

  • Jaime and Bron see the ice dragon flying over them from the city and separating. Jaime walks with Arya, Yara, the new commander, Jorah and several soldiers to the Mud Gate. Bron runs towards the Gate of the Gods, then with several soldiers to a staircase in a narrow alley. He loudly asks his soldiers, “Who of you fuckers is going to follow me in the city and help me bring the wildfire to the battle?” The soldiers remain silent. Bron says, “If no one else want to do it, you can slaughter the children in this city yourself.” Some soldiers think for a moment, then they agree and go with him. Bron looks relieved and says, “Well. Why is everyone always agree when i talk about children?” Together, they bring the wildfire out of the underground and carry it up.

Brienne and Tormund are still on the city wall and see how the first barrels of Wildfire gets brought. Tormund hears something and notices that the army of the dead moves again. The battle of the city wall begins and they continue to be protect the Gate of the Gods.

-Jaime, Arya, the new commander, Jorah and Yara arrive at Mud Gate. Davos comes too. Jaime explains how they come to the secret ways that lead from the city. They go in and take Yara out of the city for a walk. Wights charges towards them and they fight there way free. From above, Wildfire comes down on the surrounding Wights. It is lit by an archers on the city wall and the way out is released by the fire. Yara and her men walk to the jetty by the sea. The water freezes from the beach behind the ships. Yara sees a white walker coming from the frozen water. Along both sides of the city wall other Wights are coming. Yara and her men fight their way to the ships on the dock. They enter the ships and prepare the catapults.

Jon tries to explain the murder of Daenerys to Drogon. Drogon looks up at the Gate of the Gods and then at Jon again. Jon finally gets on Drogon and they fly together in the air. Jon flies over the city wall and burns hundreds of Wights. The Ice Dragon flies to Drogon and they both fight in the sky.

Army of the Dead breaks through the Mud Gate, but is still held up by Davos, Jaime, Arya and their soldiers.

-Jon notices the chaos from the top, but then resolutely says to the Night King, “I have only one mission and that’s you.” Drogon bites the ice dragon in the neck so that Jon is within range of the Night King. Jon wants to ram his sword in the ice dragon, then gets stopped by the night king with his ice blade. Drogon lets go of the Ice Dragon and gets some distance. Both dragons spit fire and take the opportunity to fly a little higher.

-Edmure Tully notices the flames in the sky. He fights at the Mudgate and falls back with the Blackfish. The Wights continue to break through. Brienne roars from the city wall “There is no time left for the plan. Keep the Wildfire in the city!” The Wights break through. Edmure and the Blackfish falls back with their soldiers. Edmure says, “Trust in your comrades!” The Wights break through the gate and charge into the city. Podrick walks with Sarra to Bron and says in panic, “They’re coming. Is everything ready? “Bron answers “Yes” Edmure, the Blackfish and their soldiers are walking through a big green puddle. The Wights follow nearby.

-The Ice Dragon flies in the sky. The Night King sees the Wildfire and the Wights running over it. The Night King looks up again and sees Drogon flying farther away. The ice dragon sinks. Bron roars “Knock!” The intended archer stands with a burning arrow on the roof. He just wants to shoot when the ice dragon flies over him and burns him. Bron takes cover and says to Podrick “For fucks sake, he can not always know what we’re up to.” He roars “All the archers, fire with burning arrows at the Wights!” The archers do that, but before they can shoot they the ice dragon burns everyone. Drogon takes up the chase with Jon again and they fly off. Bron notices that no arrow has hit and gets mad at the sight of the coming Wights. Melisandre walks past Bron and Podrick, igniting a flame in her hand. She speaks something in Varyrian, translated it means “This is the Lord of Lights Will.” She sees the army of the dead charging towards her and continues into the big puddle. A last soldier escapes and Melisandre ignites the Wildfire with her burning hand. It explodes and the Wights die. Only a few white walkers are still in the fire, but it goes out around them. Edmure is happy that the plan worked. Blackfish says “Calm down. The war is still going.” Edmure agrees, but the Blackfish shows that he is proud.

-Yara is on her ship and sees the cloud of smoke growing out of the city. Yara roars “That’s the sign. Fire!” Everyone roars “Fire!” And the catapults shoot towards the cloud of smoke.

-The Ice Dragon gets problems with the scorpion spears and catapult projectiles, he flies higher. Jon sinks and helps on the ground by burning another hundred wights.

-The Night King breaks the city wall with fire from the Ice Dragon, regroups, and beats his enemys in battle, so they have to fall back. The remaining warelephants are killed and used against the humans. Drogon wants to burn them but is hampered by ice spears by several white walkers. Jon does not want to take any chances. Drogon lands on a buildings and fights safely on the ground. Jon kills a white walker on a rooftop, because of that hundreds of wights falls dead to the ground. Jon says, “Our goal is the Night King. But if he is in the sky, focus on the White Walker. Kill them and we’ll win this war.”

-The white walkers destroy the scorpions on the city walls. The ice dragon rises in the sky and spits fire. Jon is fighting on a building. Drogon climbs to Jon and Jon gets on top of him. Drogon flys low over the wights to kill the white walkers. The white walkers dont die, but the wights that serve their protection. Brienne and Tormund realize they can see and kill the most important targets. They walk into the city and attack the white walkers from behind. Bron and Podrick arrive. Edmure and the Blackfish are fighting. Blackfish rescues Edmure and gets an ice spear thrown in the chest. He says to Edmure “Survive!”

-The Night King looks down into the city and sees the fleeing citizens behind the living armies. Sarra notes that the white walkers run over the rooftops chasing defenseless citizens. Sarra informs Bron and he realizes that they are doing this to increase their army.

-Bron stays with Edmure and most of the soldiers, but sends Brienne, Tormund, Podrick, Sarra and some soldiers to the defenseless citizens to protect them from the White Walker. They kill some and save many citizens. Then they are separated from their troops in battle. The Ice Dragon flies over them and burns some soldiers. A Scorpions spear hits the ice dragon. He lands accidentally near Brienne, Tormund, Podrick and Sarra. A white walker runs over a roof and pulls the Scorpion spear out of the ice dragon’s stomach. The wound is closed with ice. Brienne realizes that the Ice Dragon is not a wight, but has returned as a sort of white walker. Sarra dies for Podrick and he gets desperate and starts to drop tears. Brienne fights free the path for Podrick and sends him to the army to bring news: The Dragon of the Night King is not a wight, but a sort of white walker, so he could be killed with a Dragonglass Spear from a Scorpion.

-Jaime loses the Mud Gate. He sends Arya to Bron and orders the retreat to the red keep. Then Davos runs with some soldiers to the troops of Bron. Jorah accompanies him.

-Podrick runs and is tracked by a white walker. Arya comes to help and kills the white walker in battle. Podrick can go on then.

-Podrick arrives at Davos and tells him about the Ice Dragon, and that he believes that because of what he saw, the Ice Dragon is a kind of white walker and therefore can not be killed with fire, but with dragonglass. Davos says, “The Ice Dragon has fled from the flaming catapult projectiles. Something is not right. Maybe the possibilities of the Night King are limited. “

Fonte: Reddit Parte 4

Parte 5 do Roteiro Vazado:

-They all arrive at the red keep. Jon ends up with Drogon there. Davos and Podrick tell Jon all about the Ice Dragon. Jon says, “The soldiers should put the dragonglass on the scorpions. Arrows will just bounce off.” Jon sees the chaos in the city and the approaching army of the dead. He sees the Ice Dragon flying in the sky and says, “We can not stop an army that gets bigger with our losses. We have to destroy him. Just him.” Jon points his sword at the ice dragons in the sky. Davos says, “Not every one of us has a dragonglass weapon.” Jaime agrees, but says, “We can not change much now except handing out the rest of the dragonglass.” Jon looks at his blade and asks Jaime, “How many swords from Valyrian Steel are melted in the iron throne?” Jaime reacts in surprise and says “You want to…? I mean, how?” Jaime looks at Drogon and understands. He says, “Unfortunately not a thousand like in Aegon’s stories. The stories of your ancestor… Maybe 300 swords or less.”Jon looks around and says, “Fewer… That must be enough.” Jon asks Jaime where exactly the throne room is. Jaime answers him and Jon gets on Drogon. He lands with Drogon in the throne room, by doing so drogon destroys the ceiling. Snow and ashes fill the throne room. Jon sees several bodies in the hall, including Cerceis. He almost touches the throne, but then lets go before he touches it. Jon says, “This uncomfortable chair has only caused suffering. No more!” Jon moves away from the throne and says “Dracarys.” Drogon spits on the throne with his dragonfire. Jaime runs into the hall with the others. Sam enters the room and tells Jon that the blades are still too hot to touch. Jaime grabs a blade from the glowing throne with his golden hand. Jaime throws her into the snow that falls down from above. Jaime orders the men to somehow get the swords in shape again, and the soldiers do that with their shields or weapons. Jaime recognizes Jon as the leader of all troops and says, “We have to fight this time as One Army with One Leader. Be it Aegon Targaryen or Jon Snow. He is the best leader we can hope for.” Everyone recognizes Jon as leader and Jon realizes that he may be the promised prince. His sword flames, Jon holds it up and says, “Let’s kill the Night King and save this damned land!” Everyone is shouting.

Battle begins around the red keep. Several soldiers go to the Scorpions at the Red Keep and attach Dragonglass to the spears.

-Yara comes back to the town thanks to Nymeria and his pack of wolfes. Yara fights with her men to the Scorpions on the city wall, creating a good distraction for Jon and his allies.

  • Together they fight their way free to the white walkers. Jorah, Jon, Ghost and Jaime fight through the Wights. They are slowly encircled between some buildings.

-Brienne and Tormund fight their way through from behind and kill many Wights, where Jon, Jorah and Jaime were just encircled. Together they free themselves. Brienne and Tormund fight in a building and hide briefly there.

-Arya struggles with Bron on the rooftops to make room for the archers.

-Nymeria helps Jon with her pack to distract the dead elephants.

-Davos and Sam convince the surviving citizens in the red keep to fight. Sam still remains with a sword at Misandei and Jon’s child.

-The Nightking fights on the Ice Dragons in the sky against Drogon. Drogon flies lower and the Ice Dragon tracks him. Nightking notes that Jon is not sitting on Drogon and he is fighting on the ground. Jon yells the command to shoot and all Scorpions shoot with dragonglass spears on the Ice Dragon. Some hits him and the Ice Dragon crashes. He lands in the Dragonpit.

-Drogon lands at Jon’s position and he gets on top of him. They fly to the Dragonpit. Ghost follows him fast. His allies follow him.

-Drogon lands in the Dragonpit and bites the ice dragon in his head as he lands. Drogon bites deeper and then lets go. He spits fire on the ice dragon. Jon jumps from Drogon and attacks the Night King. The Night King fends off the attack, gets up and fights with Jon as the dragons fight each other. Jon hits several times, but never penetrates deep enough, so the wounds heal with ice too quickly. The Night King grabs Jon’s sword and throws Jon off the Ice Dragon. The Night King jumps from the Ice Dragon and fights Jon. Drogon spits fire again and again and moving his wings makes the snow whirl. Jon loses his sword and he dodges. The Ice Dragon jumps away from Drogon and remains frozen. The Night King stops and Bran appears. Jon asks him, “Why now? Will you tell me something before the end?” Bran says, “You fought well, but your allies will take too long to be here. You’ve fullfilled your task and all the other enemies are now falling into the trap.” Jon says, “Fulfilled? Did you use me to help this monster? Please tell me that you are not you. It must all be a trick of him.” Bran says, “He never needed such tricks. Tricks like that made him do what he did.” Jon asks, “What do you mean? You know everything about him, dont you? Then tell me what kind of life this man must have led to believe in all this!” Jon looks at Bran and the Night King tense.

Jon’s allies are running to the Dragon Pit. The Wights and the white walkers follow them inconspicuously.

Bran says, “It was a simple life at first. He was a young lord with a great family. But when he saw something he should not see, bad people tried to kill him for it. Everyone had different motivations for that, as I later learned. The young lord was badly hurt and that led to a war that would annihilate his whole family. His father was beheaded, his mother’s throat was cut through, his brothers were shot through the body with arrows. Well not all died. The survivors only suffered afterwards. They were sold and raped, abducted and hunted, betrayed and killed.” Jon looks at Bran in surprise. Bran says, “The young Lord lost everything and followed the call of the children of the forest. They gave the Lord a power to destroy the enemies in the north. He became the 3-eyed raven. But then he realized that this power should never be stopped, but must be directed against the true threat. Mankind.” Jon says angrily “No …” Bran says “The Lord recognized the power to travel in time and to warg into other people. He decided and took Azor Ahai’s body.” Jon says,” Bran, what you’re saying, that… that can not…” Bran says, “The Lord-” Jon interrupts him and says “The life of this Lord… That’s your life…” Jon looks frozen. Drogon is visibly nervous at the sight of Jon. Jon asks, “Why do you think your life was so cruel? There were also good moments.” Bran says “But unfortunately too much suffering. And I do not want to impose this suffering on anyone. That’s why I’m releasing them all.” Jon says, “You’ve seen all the pain in the past. But what about the future? What do you see in my future?” Bran says “The future is very blurry. But mostly I see the death of Westeros.” Jon says “After all, you do not believe in peace anymore. I even understand that. But I will change that. I will unite this country. I already have that. And if this ends victoriously, there will be peace.” Bran says, “You dont understand that. The future of the people is damned. People destroy everything that can become a danger to them. And with me, the white walkers will not die.” Jon asks in surprise, “Why not?” Bran says,”The Night King was not created to expel the first people from Westeros. The Night King was created after the long night.” Jon says, “No, I thought the Night King was the beginning of everything.” Bran says, “You dont know much, Aegon.” The Night King slowly approaches Jon and grabs his arm. Bran shows him everything in suitable visions. Bran says in the visions, “The first humans traveled further north than the children of the forest had ever dared. Then they met the others. The white walkers. A people living in the land of eternal winter. People saw a threat in them and fought them. The white walkers resisted in the long night and made sure that the war didnt take place in their country. In winter they were at an advantage. Even ther magic withstood. The dead could fight for the white walkers. But when winter ended, this Azor Ahai could end the war. They built the wall to have an insurmountable border between both sides. The children of the forest told Azor Ahai about the power of the White Walkers and promised to create a weapon for him. A weapon with which you can stop the white walkers. There should be peace for that. Azor Ahai volunteered and even got tied up. But when they pressed the dagger of the peace agreement into his chest, he suffered. I will free him from it. Actually, I have already.” Jon breaks free, so ends the vision, falls aside and is so closer to his sword. Jon looks at the night king. He looks bleak, gets up slowly and asks Bran “Look into my future. See if I can bring peace. You know me.” Bran looks at him and says, “Yes, but that does not change the nature of men. Even if you can do it. The next king will fight wars again and everything starts again. Aegon, I understand you. You dont want to accept your end, but you dont have to be scared. Your suffering will be over soon.” Jon asks Bran, “This tree on the gods eye … what should that be? Why did you lure us into this trap?” Bran says, “The weirwood tree was the source of magic for the Night King. The night king dies with the dead of this tree. This will take months, until the magic is finally gone. With this I wanted to ensure that this weapon will be destroyed with the end of Westeros. So no one will ever meet a white walker again and the rest of humanity will be safe. Their wars will continue, but the past has shown that the people of Essos will now live more peacefully now that slavery is about to end.” Jon sees his sword and Drogon. He hears his calling men in the distance. Then Jon says, “Then please promise me one. If you win now, you can kill me. Not the night king. Not your other self. You.” Bran says, “That makes no difference, Aegon. But since you gave people hope, I fulfill that wish. I’ll travel back in time and redeem you.” Jon says firmly, “Then do it Bran. Become the Night King and kill me here!” Bran says, “As you wish.” Bran disappears.

-Bran stands on a meadow on a weirwood tree, around him are stones in a formation. Bran sees Azor Ahai getting the dragonglass dagger hit in the chest by the children of the forest. Bran’s eyes turn white. The eyes of Azor Ahai seem to freeze and turn blue.

-Jon looks around carefully in the Dragonpit and then sees the Night King. The Night King moves again, goes to Jon, takes his ice sword tighter and starts to strike his sword. Drogon roars and Jon dodges the attack. He takes his sword off the ground and averts the attack. The Night King attacks again. After a short fight Ghost jumps into the fight and helps Jon to retreat. Drogon defends himself against the Ice Dragon. The Night King kills Ghost. Jon yells about it.

-Jon’s allies come and defend him. Jaime, Arya, Edmure, Jorah, and Bron attack the Night King with their Valyrian swords from the iron throne, but after a fight with them, the Night King dodges every attack of them and counters them. Jon sees the Night King hurt Arya. Jon intervenes and saves her life. Jon loses his sword again. The Ice Dragon steps behind the Night King and by doing so his attackers retreat a bit. The Night King raises his hands.

-All corpses on the battlefields are rising. The bodies of Cercei, the Mountain, the Hound, and Tyrions also rise. Even the war elephants outside the city. They all run into town for the Dragon Pit.

-The Nightking gets on the ice dragon and flies to the sky. Jon tells his allies that the Night King can see the future and therefore believes he has won in a few months. Jon says thats the reason why he will lose his power in that time. Bron says, “So we could just hide?” Jon says, “Yeah, Elarya Sand’s tactic might work. Hide from the enemy and kill him step by step.” Arya asks Jon, “Why do you suddenly want to flee? You just wanted to destroy him and you were close. What happened?” Jon looks depressed and says “Now i know why he does that. Who he was. I do not know if I can do it.” Arya says “You dont know? Whoever this man was, he wants to kill your child. It is not even a day old. He has no right to. No right to all of that.” Jon looks at her in surprise. Arya gives Jon the dagger of Valyrian steel. She says, “The next time you lose your sword, take the dagger and bring it to an end.” Jon takes the dagger and says, “Alright. We finish it here and now.” Jon yells at his ally, “I’m going to destroy the enemy now. You just have to hold the dragon pit. All enemy troops are on their way for us. Dont fight for me. Fight for you and the lives of your children!” Jon picks up his sword, it inflames. He gets on Drogon and they rise up. Jon sees the army of the dead surrounding the Dragon Pit and slowly enters it.

-A final battle begins in Dragon Pit. Edmure Tully dies in this battle.

-Brienne and Tormund fight their way through the building, but they have to retreat in that building. Brienne gets desperate, but Tormund manages to give her courage again.

-Drogon follows the ice dragon. They fight in the sky. Jon briefly gets in contact within the fight and roars “You want to redeem us with the death. You dont know what’s coming after death. I know. Nothing comes after death. Neither suffering nor joy. There is no peace waiting. Only darkness.” The fight continues and Jon manages to knock the Night Kings ice sword off of him. Jon hits his burning sword into the throat of the ice dragon, knocking off his icy skin. Jon keeps beating. The Night King stops Jon, but Drogon gives him the rest and bites his head off. Drogon can not get away from the Ice Dragon and everyone crashes. Jon is still fighting with the Night King while falling. Jon hits his sword into the belly of the Night King and rams the Valyrian dagger into his chest. The bright blue in the eyes of the Night King goes out. Drogon makes a crash landing before the Red Keep. Jon rolls on the ground. The Night King has fallen a little further. Jon gets up and sees the Night King rising slowly. His ice splinters and the Night King collapses slowly. The Night King walks slowly to Jon. Jon looks around for a weapon, but finds none. The Night King grabs the dagger from his chest. The Nightking sees Jon into his eyes. Then he drops the dagger out of his chest and breaks completely.

-The Battle of the Dragon Pit ends when the White walkers and the Wights break to the ground and die. Everyone is cheering because the war is finally over.

-Jon picks up the dagger, sees the heap of ice from the Night King and says, “Thank you.”

-Tormund and Brienne are in their building full of body parts. They rejoice and as Tormund offers himself, Brienne says “Fuck it.” They go to a room where there are no corpses and do it wildly with each other.

  • Jon’s allies arrive at the Red Keep. First they see Drogon and then Jon. They stop at Jon and see the pile of ice. Sam comes out of the Red Keep and sees Jon. He thanks everyone and asks how it should continue now. Westeros no longer has a queen. Jaime says he can not imagine any other king except Aegon Targaryen. Most agree with him. Jon refuses, but Davos says, “You are the most successful king I have ever seen. And after all, you’re the man who deserves it the most.” Jon says, “I dont deserve anything. I only used my life to do what I swore once. Being the shield of the people.” Sam says “And that’s exactly what you can do from here. Rule the kingdoms and keep the peace.” Jon looks at everyone and realizes that they seem to agree. Jon looks determined and says “No. I will not be king. I have the name and the blood. That’s the only reason I can become king. And if my son someday replaces me and does everything differently? I’ll become king if the people accept me.” Bron comes in and says, “And who’s to become your successor when you die?” Jon says, “That’s what the people decide. Everyone should get a chance to come to power. So we did it at the nights watch. That’s how I became Lord Commander.” Yara agrees and says, “We do it the same way on the Iron Islands.” Jaime and Sam accept it. Jon says, “First, I’ll tell you something. The Night King was not anyone. It was a man who saw Westeros and found only war and suffering there. This man would never have turned that magic against us if we had not waged wars. It was our fault and that of our ancestors. That was the price of suffering that the Lords exposed to the people. Help me to keep the peace. No more pain or wars. No more!” People cheer Jon and shout “Long may he reign! Long my he reign! “Jon is celebrated, but from his perspective he sees the ruined city. Jon says, “There’s no time to celebrate now. Now is the time to mourn our dead and help the country out of this mess.” The soldiers cheer him. Drogon roars.

-Jon goes to Daenerys corpse and mourns. Then he gets his soldiers in to take Daenery’s body. Missandei holds Jon’s child and looks at Jon worried. Jon sees Missandei and walks out of the hall.

-Bron and Podrick help in the city to find food supplies. Bron sees Brienne and Tormund coming out of a building together.

-Jaime enters the room from the small council. Jon, Sam, Davos, Elarya, Yara, the new Commander, Arya and Jorah are in the room. Jaime asks Jon “What is so important that it has to be discussed in secret? I thought you wanted to end these things. Let the people decide.” Jon says “The people should not know anything from this. Otherwise, chaos may arise again.” Elarya says definitely “Would you let us know what you want, King Aegon?” Jon says, “What I’m going to tell you now will not be easy. The war may not be over yet.” Jaime says, “The Night King is dead, the White walkers are destroyed. We saw it.” Jon says, “I had contact with the Night King and he told me a lot. He told me about the long night. He told me that the night king was intended as a weapon against the first white walkers after the long night. The Night King, however, had found a way to direct this weapon against humans. He had the opinion that a renewed war with the true white walkers would be inevitable and that we would lose.” Jaime is shocked and says “The true White walkers? But the wall. He would never get trough it without the dragon…” Jon says” Exactly. The wall must be rebuilt. But for safety I will do something else. I will try to get in contact and try to negotiate peace.”

-Night: In front of the Red Keep is a big pile of wood. Jon puts Daenery’s body on it. Jon goes to Drogon in front of the Red Keep. He says goodbye to Daenerys. Jon says, “I’m going to travel behind the wall with Drogon one last time. I dont know when or if I will ever return. But I promise you that when I return, everyone will be safe. Until then, I ask you to talk to each other. Forge no plans or plots. Help each other. Meet regularly in the capital and start to negotiate, but please dont force the people to another war. Dont let our sacrifices be in vain.” People accept it. But Arya looks down. Then Jon says “Dracarys” and Drogon spits his fire on Daenerys corpse. The pile of wood burns with her. Everyone is silent and Jon stares into the fire.

-Jon packs his bag for his trip. Arya visits Jon before leaving and says “Now I’m going to be the new lady of Winterfell, right?” Jon says, “I’m sorry. If I could- “Arya interrupts Jon and says” It’s fine. In this peaceful world you create, some dreams cant be fulfilled.” Jon says, “Arya, I-” Arya says, “No, I want it that way. Our sister… my sister taught me a lot. I can handle it.” Both smile and say goodbye.

-Jon says goodbye to Sam and asks him to take care of his son. Even though Sam has a lot to do as the new Lord of the Reach. Both are smiling. Sam says to Jon, “I think I’ll write a book about you. Something poetic in which you are the hero.” Jon says “A song?” Sam says “A song of ice maybe. Your name was snow and your enemy was of ice. Could be poethic.” Sam smiles, Jon says “I was not the hero. Daenerys was the hero. She had the will to achieve everything. She was the mother of dragons.” Sam says, “What about a song of ice and-” Jon interrupts him and says, “I hope I can read it soon. But please tell the truth.” Sam agrees with Jon. Jon says, “If you really want to write about me, you should know one thing. Surely you still know about Brans powers, right?” Sam says “Yes, he told me he is the 3-eyed raven and could see everything.” Jon says “He saw everything. All wars and the suffering of the people. He could take over the people himself in the past. At least that’s what he told me.” Sam asks, “When did he tell you that?” Jon says „a few days ago at the Dragon Pit.” Sam is surprised and says, “Do you think Bran himself controlled the body of the Night King? So you could kill him just because of that? Because Bran helped you?” Jon says, “That would be the more poetic story, right?” Jon smiles, then looks down and says, “No. Bran has controlled the Night King from the first day and brought this mess over us.” Sam is shocked. Jon says, “Please write that too. The whole truth. But first you should finish your Maester training.” Jon smiles at Sam and walks to the door. Sam sees him walking out to Drogon. Davos wishes Jon good luck. Jon gets on Drogon and both fly north.

-Jorah is at the harbor of Kings Landing and says goodbye to Missandei. Jorah says “I’m going to the only place I’ve ever felt comfortable. I travel back to the Dragon Bay and help Daario to bring peace. Thats what our Khaleesi would have wanted. Jorah wants to go on the boat when he sees Drogon fly over him.

-Sam sees Jon flying into the distance.

In Winterfell, Bran sits frozen on the weirwood tree. Drogon lands there and Jon hits Bran with the Valyrian dagger. Jon says goodbye to Bran and returns to Drogon.

-Jon flies with Drogon over the wall into the blizzard. The blizzard slowly covers the picture and everything stops. A male voice asks “And then?” Sam answers. “Then he disappeared. King Jon traveled behind the wall, but never came back.” The freezed snowstorm becomes a picture. An image in a book. A hand closes the book. The man gets up from the table and says, “As I always tell you. He has failed everyone. Just leave everything behind and fly far away with his dragonglass. Maybe he cant do any more” Sam is old and says “And why should he do that? He could have been king.” The young man says “Everyone always tells me what he had and how great he was. The most honorable man who ever lived. I also heard that he was a man of the nights watch. He should have spent his life there. He probably was not that great.” Sam says “Many young people say something like that. But he gave each one of you a chance to do better. Even you Eddard.” The young man says “My father could have been king. He could have seen me growing up.” Sam says, “I learned one thing about Jon. He always comes back.” Eddard looks away, disinterested. Then the city bells ring. Eddard says, “He certainly isnt.” Sam says, “The small council comes together. I have to get prepared.” Eddard says “For decades we have no real leader. My father will not return. It’s time to choose a new king and you know better than anyone else that I’m ready.” Sam smiles at him and says “Maybe we’ll see soon.” A brown-haired man enters the room and says, “Did you teached the prince enough now, father?” Sam says, “If Eddard wants to, he can go anytime, my son.” Eddard looks at Sam’s son and says, “Let’s go, Sam.” They both leave the room.

-Jaime arrives in Kings Landing with a few men. Bron welcomes him. Jaime says, “Are you sure your wife will approve that?” Bron says, “We’re old, she’s old. And soon our children will have the power in Dorne. What’ should happen when we talk?” Elarya Sand arrives with her new daughter and asks Bron “When will you finally realize that these Lannisters can not to be trusted?” Bron takes a step back from Jaime and says, “I’m sorry old Friend.”

Arya arrives at the Red Keep with adult Lyanna Mormont and her husband and sees the widow of Edmure Tully and his adult son. The son greets Arya, the widow wants to prevent this, however, angrily. She says to Arya, “I’ll never forget what you did to my family. I know what it means when a girl tells you that winter has come for house frey.” Arya turns away. Robin Arryn sees Arya, but he walks away from her angrily. Brienne and her red-haired daughter welcome Arya. Arya calls the girl Sansa and says “I think it’s nice that you’ve been named after my sister. I hope you dont die as early as she does.” Sansa looks intimidated. Brienne says “Dont worry Sansa, Arya Stark has a special sense of humor, doesnt she?” Arya smiles and agrees. Arya asks, “Where is your father?” Brienne replies for Sansa and says, “Tormund did not come along. He says these meetings are not for him.” The older Podrick arrives and greets the tthree. Sam also arrives and greets Arya. Sam then asks her, “Still having trouble with Robin?” Arya says, “He had a bad education. Now he wants a bad alliance. At least that would be one for me.” Sam says “They run out of supplies and we dont know when winter ends.” Arya says, “Then he should have been more carefully with the supplies of his people. My people went hungry to survive while he was celebrating. He reminds me of Joeffrey.” Sam says, “Dont tell him like you’re telling me-“Arya says, “Of course not, Maester Samwell.”

-Yara arrives by ship at the landing stage of Kings Landings harbor. She meets Jorah and asks him why he has traveled the long way from Essos ago. Jorah answers “There could be a problem. I should inform you personally.” Together they go to the city.

-Sam opens the small council in a room at the Red Keep and lets talk Jorah. Jorah says, “I know many here have their differences due to the acts of the time of the Iron Throne. But maybe we’ll have to devote ourselves to another threat soon. The Iron Bank has been demanding debt to Cercei’s payment to the Golden Company for decades. They have an army again and could come to Westeros. The Dragon Bay would be ready to help you. No consideration. We just want to secure peace as our queen would have done it once.” Jaime thanks Jorah for the message and is about to say something when another city bell rings. Everyone except Jorah is shocked. Jorah asks in surprise, “What does the sounding of this bell mean?” Sam says “Jon is back. King Jon is back.” Eddard is still surprised.

-Drogon, now much taller, lands in front of the Red Keep. Jon is old and already has some grey hair. Everyone is amazed at his appearance. Eddard comes out fast and sees Jon descend from Drogon. He is overwhelmed and intimidated. Sam greets Jon and asks him if he needs anything. Jon apparently ignores him and just walks past Sam. Sam follows him and walks beside Jon. Sam says “I can not imagine what you must have experienced up there. It’s good that you’re back. The situation is difficult. It might be best if you became king again.” Jon looks at him and hugs him. Sam evaluates that as a yes and lets everyone gather for Jon in the throne room. Arya sees the new stone throne. Jon enters the room seemingly emotionless. Arya greets Jon and they hug. Jon looks over Arya and looks into the next fire he sees. Jon gives his son Eddard a hand and looks at him briefly, then he looks back into the fire. Sam notices this and looks worried. Jon goes to the throne. Eddard asks Sam what he has there. Sam says, “This is the book for your father. I wrote it for him.” The book name is “A Song of Ice and Fire.” Jon always watches into a fire as he walks to the throne. Jon takes his seat on the throne and Lyanna Mormont says, “Long may he reign.” Jon watches into the flame all the time. Sam sees that and looks worried, then scared. The people say together “Long may he reign.” The last picture is Jon as he sits on the throne and stares emotionless into the fire.

The End

Fonte: Reddit Parte 5

E é isso aew. Se for igual como aconteceu na Season 7… É tudo real isso aí. Traduza por sua conta e risco esse texto gigante.

Fiquem ligados para mais novidades sobre Game of Thrones e outras séries 01aqui no Bignada.

Mundo Bignada, onde nada é um novo mundo e nada é Vaza roteiro completo da Season 8 de Game of Thrones.

Por Bruno Akanadin.

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